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Parked in the indoor bicycle parking lot on the 1st floor of the apartment, Cover is Dust Yuket & crime prevention (Blindfold) It is for.
I bought a product plan that I thought was indispensable as if it were White.
Although the fabric stretches considerably, the Tension of the surface is quite strong and worries whether the hole will open in the part touching the protruding part.
There is a hole in the front wheel part "Do you want to pass U-shaped Lock?" As I thought, the holes are about 2 times bigger in the evening and the Large is getting better.
I found that the seams were frayed due to sewing defects.
Actually, I also purchased HalfCover of the same Brand, but I also had them replaced with sewing defects.
Even though it is uneasy about elongation of the fabric and countermeasure of protruding parts, we can not use Brand's good quality control so bad.
I was allowed to return it.

Motorcycle commuting to work by relocation.
Since the parking lot is in a moaned condition in the Blue sky, I was worried about the deterioration and discoloration of the plastic parts due to the ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight, looking for a Half type Cover that is convenient to carry.
Most of Half type Cover chose Cover from around Meter and in the type I can not cover Front Fender, so I chose this item so that I can Cover to Front Fender.
There was sewing defect in the part sewing Rubber around Rear tire, but when I contacted Webike, I received a substitute directly from Manufacturer and could exchange it for SPIDI.
Usability is almost as expected, but it is called Black color
Because of the good color of heat absorption, the color is fading with the use of one summer.
I am worried that the fabric will become brittle and ripped.
Also, because Handlebar is made to go straight ahead, when using Handlebar Lock, the opposite side of the direction you cut Handlebar will be in a stretched condition, the inside will be flapping back and forth.
I wanted a little more room around Handlebar.

Impression that it should have made Large in general as a whole.
I used it for Honda VT 250, but I can not do Cover without forcing it.
Especially the burden on Mirror when installing it is scary.

It is good to be kind with StretchMaterial, but a bit disappointing impression.
Because Waterproof is not made, there seems to be few used scenes. "It does not hit the rain, but wears a dust so I scoop the cover" There is a need for it, but in general it is rainy so either Waterproof Cover is applied or it is a firm bicycle parking space, so even Cover is not considered either.

It is easy to set up the digits once you read the manual, otherwise the machanism is well hidden and most people wouldn't be able to guess. I use this lock to secure small, not so valuable items such as my jacket, etc... While I walk away from the bike to the toilet for example.

Main purpose is to use as one of crime prevention measures at touring accommodation.
Because it is a Dial expression, you do not have to worry about the loss of keys, and the weight is also less than 1 kg in a chain formula that is stronger than Wire.
If you respect the safety aspect, Large will be heavy, so portability will be poor, and if it is light and poor, security will be low.
For purposes of carrying with the tour to the end, I think price, ease of use, robustness, weight of Balance is good.

The point that I bought is the point that I do not need a key and I can freely exchange my PIN.
The purpose of use is to prevent Cover from flying at typhoon.
So, we needed a moderate weight so Chain is perfect.

Easy to use, it protects Chain with cloth so that Wheel will not get scratched.
To tell the truth, the part of the lock is thick and it is hard to pass through the hole of Cover.
It is delicious to lock it alone, but I am satisfied with the ease of use.

Impression after arrival of actual item and tried on :
Although it is a purpose to prevent flapping, although it is straight, the skirt is too thin.
Together with Long's Engineer Ring boots, the shoulder of Boots fits perfectly in the skirt of Denim. Should be expressed as a narrow Straight, in the product image, wearing Image is a little different Silhouette. Also wearing color and texture Image image is quite different.

With new wholesale, wear, impressions after 350 km PetitTouring :
It was known from the trial fitting time that the fabric was hard, but as the mileage increased, the knee back became wrinkled with the wrinkled Denim fabric. When I got home and confirmed it was supposed to be able to blister. I also wrote the impression of trying on, but since the part covered over the Engineer Ring boots is perfect, once you have crossed the vehicle, once the skirt has gone up, you have to lower it with your hands, you will not go down.
Not suitable for vehicles with stiff knee bending, such as Sports vehicles.

Comprehensive evaluation :
Additional work for 8,000 yen to Denim of 10,000 yen (Special fabrics and knees Pad) And \ 18,000 -, reasonable price, real price has more than doubled opening.