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Brightness is enough, it is not too dazzling, so hang it in Tent,
Even if you put it on the table at the time of meal, it will not bother me

It was easy to put on shape and light so it did not hang and Tent bent

Since it was a purchase since I saw the Impression earlier, I used it in a box every time I used it

important point,
Let's buy it first so that it will not panic at night on site because the battery is not included (I am

Every year I am on Long's Touring, but until now I was using a Size that fits within the TouringBack, but I was looking for something bigger than the back around the back. On the TouringBack there is not quite a type that balanced well, so we found this product and it is a prompt decision. I will be touring next week..

Although I am 180 in height, considering the Large crime of fluff and the ease of setting, considerable price value. I am satisfied with the height of the ceiling, the size of the front room. Limit to Motorcycle as well.

I purchased it with a new article and it was broken just a second time. 1 pc of the four bars from the important umbrella part at the time of opening took off and the Tension's Tension can not be taken. I took more time for emergency measures than 1 hour. The same thing happened to my friends. Since I bought it soon, I contacted Manufacturer, but all of us did not know about it because of Net exchange.
The qualities of this company are appearing in the product.

As Air mattress feels it is a slightly expensive item, but as others are also listed, about 3 times the SilverMatte used so far Cushion is good, if you add also the exclusive Bag of Waterproof, the original is enough I think I can get it..
In my case, Chain - Point before expiration of Sprocket purchase point is about to expire, it was shopping to not waste around 4000 points, but to those who are considering effective use of the same degree of Point "Recommended" To do.

I thought about Camping touring thoughtfully.
It is a useful item such as adjustment of brightness, point to carry to the Compact, adjustment of the lighting range to be lighted, etc..

The problem is the unfriendliness of the Instruction Manual.
Other people are also written, but I do not know how to insert batteries.
Since it was not written in detail, it took me a long time to find it.

Although it is not a problem, although it can charge with a DC power supply, is not the environment to be used limited?
I think that it is not enough to use until you buy a rechargeable battery.
As LED type, battery consumption is not so intense so I feel that it is reasonable to purchase and use up AA batteries in full use.

On the whole it can be used alright and it is a satisfactory product.

It is good to open with One-touch, but the place to stretch and push the legs afterward is Quantity : It took me a while to assemble with 2pc stupid. I feel Stress. I would like you to sell a neat good product. It is expensive.. I would like to exchange it if possible.

I bought it for Camping.
You can also adjust the height, there are lots of Pocket.
Because it can store things under Table, it is very user friendly.
It's a bit heavy, so it's perfect for enjoying Cap and BBQ by car!