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It is female 150 centimeters, but it is a little Large after purchasing XS, but I do not have Ladies, so it feels like it is too bad I feel like it is also good? I feel like I can coolly dress it though it looks like a Rainwear, and also Waterproof nature well (* ≧ ∀ ≦ *) It's a bit expensive but I am satisfied with my purchase

I was looking for VINTAGE style Gloves.
Product of Large hand PartsManufacturer did not find a good that would suit American. Purchase by looking at the magazine and finding the product of your choice, searching with Wa Big and stocking it.

Genuine leather is Gloves of Main so we will make the price as it is.
I feel comfortable wearing a little Small, but because it stretches
I think Fit will come later.
Leather is also soft and not thick, I felt that it was excellent in operability.

The part between the fingers is made of cloth.
Since the running wind enters, I think that it is tough in the winter.
It will be for the summer only.

The place of the wrist is slightly wide impression even if fastener is tightened.
There is nothing to get rid of it.

Because the texture is good, I thought I wanted to buy it even with a different color or a different pattern. This Recommendation

Making is very good, design is also high, so it looks satisfying.
However, I think that my hand is not a Large Yu, but a male among Small Sharks but I'm a little too lucky.
There is no problem because it grows little by little, but One size Large texture may be better.
Moreover, it was regrettable that it became Cancellation with out of stock many times and it was hard to make a purchase.

I used Gargoyle mask for Mask for Jet helmet, but when I arrived on a high temperature day of the current time it got hotter so I bought it for the fall until now.

Very breathable and easy to install with Velcro VINTAGE pattern is also cool and I like it.
However, if you wear this Mask and suffer Helmet, I will pull it and it will be a drawback that it will inevitably have marks on my face.

It fully fulfills its role as a face mask.
While traveling, of course, as a face mask, when I got off Motorcycle I wear it as Necka Chief.
Since both can be used, I am satisfied with Large.