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When connecting the connection terminals, it does not sound when Horn switch is pressed. I thought that the volume and sound quality of HarleyOEM were the poorest sounds when I thought that sound was produced by turning the volume Screw, but it is the same as Horn of the original Scooter. I can not install it.

In NORMAL 's Shift lever, Shaft' s body is out "Waist" Because Bolt Penetrating, Bolt does not fall off easily even if it loosens, but this product sometimes uses Bolt thinner than NORMAL, Bolt is Shaft's "Waist" I noticed that it was only tightening without relation (Nowadays ^ _ ^;).
So, with tightening with chitin, Screw lock is essential.

ClubStyleetc now in fashion. , If you want to blackout the whole body, you will need to replace Brake Arm and Shift lever except for recent Models in FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM.
We used it for '99 FXDX, but Bolt is not bundled with this product, OEM's Bolt can not be used (Size is different) Because it is necessary to prepare separately, be careful! (The standard is 1 / Under the cap bolt of 4 - 20 x 1 inch, it is the subordinate role 25 ?, and if it is POSH, 860410).

Also, when installing, Rubber hammeretc. Let's surely push Arm into Shaft, apply 1 inch length Bolt, and apply Screw lock. Otherwise I will encounter eyes that I am coming home with Shift lever dropped → just 3rd gear in the middle of Touring like me!

By the way Brake Arm only has KIJIMAHD - 05228 choice. The price is a bit high, but the quality is truly convinced with KIJIMA!.
Since Rear brake is an important Harley, I attach NeoFACTORY 's Aluminum Shift peg 1 inch long Black to make it easier to step on Brake (Because FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM has Air cleaner in Right Side, a little toes opens).

There is no particular dissatisfaction with the quality itself of this product (Although it is inferior to Brake Arm of KIJIMA which replaced at the same time several stages)
Bolt which tightens Shaft is not attached to this product, and if you try to divert OEM's Bolt so far, the standard of Nut is different from NORMAL! (Thinner than OEM).
Although I used the Bolt on hand but I had nothing to do with the length in the beginning, every Body dropped out during Touring yesterday! I searched back but I could not find it but I got back 50km with my 4th gear without any help I did it.
As Bolt became thinner, Shift's part of Shift "Erogu" Clearance with and is empty, as a result of vibrations and backlash easier, it is expected that Bolt loosened and dropped out.
Because Shift lever of Black Painting is not in KIJIMA, it is regrettable that there are only options for this product. If you make it with the same, you would like us to make it with the same standard.

Handling Instruction Manual is not included. It would be better to have been an English version.
When replacing the Right Sidefootpeg, it is easier to work if the Front side Exhaust System is removed if possible. It is easier to work if you also remove the bracket for fixing the Exhaust pipe of the Rear side Exhaust System. Removing is necessary even when Passenger's footpeg is installed. There is no particular problem when changing footpeg of Left Side.
I can not adjust the length of the ROD of RearFootBrake and there is a feeling that the Pedal position of FootBrake becomes too high.

There is a problem with the published photos. Body is posted Large as though the Spare key is Main. We propose to only make the photograph the Spare key which is the original product.
Change Category to Body (Box) When I search for "We do not sell only Spare key" It was written as. Please refrain from publications that would misunderstand User