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Driveman:Asahi Research

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Originally it was a Type attaching Camera to Helmet, but I bought this because there is something to get in the way or getting in the way because of weight.
Actually wearing Motorcycle's Handlebar makes it possible to shoot the direction of travel reliably, and I like the angle at the time of bending, and I like it..
Because it can not be used in Korea Single Body, as for anyway Tripod Adapter and Quantity : I wanted you to sell it with Set.
I was bad that I did not read the contents of the product well ... (Lol)

DriveRecorder for Motorcycle has few options in the first place
Considering that, it is high quality as a DriveRecorder which is easy to carry without depending on Motorcycle battery "Hit" There is no doubt in the product of
It is attentive to the structure so that it can be operated with Gloves worn, and you can carry with Pocket size, so you do not have to worry about theft after parking.

Endurance - image - Duration - operation - Charging is satisfactory Body is a pretty powerful Magnet type installation "attachment" It is supposed to be an extraordinary point .... Magnet receiving side Included Parts : , I adhere this to Helmet, but regrettable that the movable area is also narrow by cheap making.
Although there is a 180 degree recording reversal system so that it can correspond with Right SideCamera or Left SideCamera, it does not correspond to 90-degrees or 45 degree angle. Automobile (Four wheel) I planned to divert it to DriveRecorder, but I gave it up.

Purchased as DriveRecorder We are wearing on Helmet. Helmet We cover the angle while adjusting the angle, but since the Switch and the Vibrator are linked, you can check the start of shooting and turning off the power as well. Wind Cutting The sound enters so much, but it is a point of concern because it is not bad to image. Because I do not know because I have not tried it at night, so I omit it.

Unfortunately, USBSlot's early Trouble does not come out of the Memory card, and the instruments that have been replaced will not work like this. , The failure rate seems to be quite high. So after purchase I think I should check whether all the functions in the Instruction Manual work properly.

Production is in China, but sales are carried out by Asahi Research Inc. of FOR JAPAN MODEL, so we will respond properly. Unfortunately there are good or bad luck, but the Chinese Drive Record less than 5000 yen has never broken, so it is unpopular for me personally.

It is a form to attach to a base with Magnet, but since Magnet is cooperative, there is no worry that it will be removed during driving. I also have Strap, so I think the falling Risk is low.

Should we just check if the shooting angle is appropriate.

I was interested from a while ago so I tried to punch this time.
Buy myself White. I attached it to the ARAI Vector.
Color of Body is called Pearl-like White or Cream color - -.
I was Image of Solid's white, so it was a bit different from Image.
Installation is simple.
Paste the base mount on Helmet and attach the camera with Magnet there.
Magnet is pretty strong so it will not come off.
It also comes with a dropout prevention strap.
Base paste with double-sided tape,
Let's paste as little as possible.
Curved surface can be pasted to some extent without problems.
The operation method is also easy.
Switch has two places.
Power supply and light switch only.
On the back are MicroSDSlot and USBSlot.
Since the Instruction Manual is carefully written, it is unlikely that you will mistake the direction of SD by mistake to make Body an opportunity if you can read it normally.
It is the position adjustment of the camera after.
Body's Magnet is fixed at the fixed position of the camera, and it gaps a little for every removal.
I am trying to mark it as Base Mount and bring it to that position every time.
At first it is not accustomed to alignment and only Meter is reflected.
If you bring it to your eyes, you can usually take a picture so please try it several times.
Of course the sound comes in..
The running sound is almost Wind Cutting sound. As the speed goes up it will not be heard.
This time I bought WIND JAMMERS, but I bought it was the correct answer.
I will make the impression there later,
It is necessary if you want to take good sound. It is slightly expensive - - -.

After inserting the MicroSDCard it could not be removed and it could not be used. There is a problem with the shape of Throttle, please be careful when inserting. I never used it and discarded it.