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Cut out the secondary air and no more After has come out. If you do not mind dedicated items, you can use ZEPHYR's Block off.

Black's AluminumSprocket.
Although the formation of the surface is good, there is a scratch on the reverse side and I feel a bit sorry
Well - Consumables and back (Painted) I think that you should consider

* It is better not to buy nervous people.

The installation itself is simple, but the shape is not covered with Cowl so the outer Mark area is around
It will float.
So I bent a little by putting a filler so that it would not get hurt, sandwiching it in vice.
Result It was good that I got to fit cleanly.

12 years have already passed since I bought BST Carbon Oil.

At that time I remember that casting mug was mainstream and forged Wheel was around the beginning.
Since Carbon wheel is also imported soon, it is unknown regarding durability.
Of course, Triumph exclusive use etc does not exist so it is diverted in other car models.
It is necessary to create Axle Shaft Color and WheelAdapter.

Brake rotor is heavier on the front wheels and weight combined with Wheel and Tire has also been reduced in weight compared to the cast Mag wheel.

Until now it has not been affected by ultraviolet rays even when left unattended just by hanging Body Cover in a bicycle park for 4 years in about 12 years.
As for Tire exchanges, except for Changer exchanged in SpeedStar in Tokyo, they were exchanged at other stores so we are exchanging themselves using Tire Lever.

As usual I was using DRC Soft compound grip, but it was too soft for me and Gray was used and so dirty - - -. Reduction is also early - - -.
This time it is Driven! This is probably Medium ??? The feeling of grasp is the perfect feel for myself.

A / I installed F meter so I wanted to cancel secondary Air, I was looking for other company's Block Off Plate, but because the price was also cheap, purchase here. The precision of cutting was good, the close adhesion was also perfectly able to close, it was able to close properly.

It is attached to RSV4 FACTORY 09.
Packing of products is like Simple is best.
As shown in the photo, two stickers are included.

When opening and lifting it, I am impressed with the light weight feeling of AluminumSprocket.
The texture of Anodized is as solid as other Manufacturer.

Since it changed from 40T to 42T this time, as a riding imp, the change due to the reduction gear ratio change is larger than the change due to the weight of the Sprocket Single Body, the effect as a weight reduction is hard to feel, but I think that it is a good product.

I bent OEM Product several times and thought that there was no problem in use
As I looked for a good thing I tried searching and found this product.
When exchanged, the quality of appearance was satisfactory as expected.
I think that the strength of the OEM product has not been reduced, but after the exchange
I felt Shift feel improved.
I thought it was okay to exchange it earlier.