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Dr.Pulley terkenal dengan weight roller mereka yang tiada duanya. Anda dapat menemukan weight roller yang sesuai untuk motor Anda karena Dr.Pulley menyediakan beragam ukuran berat. Dr.Pulley juga menawarkan bodywork dan part pengereman dengan warna yang unik.

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Im just happy i've finally receive the item after waited a month for it. next time i will use shipping with tracking. Will definitely buy again from webike without hassle. Very professionally packed with newspapers and plastics in a box to reduce impacted during shipping. Have not installed on my 2015 Honda PCX yet. Hope they have more weight options for the pulley like 9g or 10g. Thank you so much! Arigato!

K6 ADDRESS V 125 G Odo 43000? Intake and exhaust ? Drive system Full normal Drive system complete set 4000 after exchange new? Rider80?
It's an imprint of WR only exchange
K5 ? The NORMAL of the Address of 6 was high in completeness, and there was not particularly dissatisfaction with the current situation
Net Full Full even for cars heavy people can not accelerate using the delicious parts of Engine so I saw an article that seems better to lighten WR.
Things are tried and exchanged here with their own theory to play one or three roles
Since Bypass is often used and full-open running is done frequently, I do not want to drop the maximum speed from now 16. 5g
Before exchanging for this item I replaced it with WR of 17 grams new OEM which had been stocked for wear repaired from WR and accelerated for 1 week ? I measured the highest speed
To be honest 0. 5 g So Brush - Bo effect got better acceleration acceleration? If you thought that it would be better to be in the ranking, the results have changed significantly beyond imagination
Low and medium speed acceleration from Clutch meat now grows awesome comfortably.
And the high speed range also extends like 17 g and the maximum speed is Meter reading 3. 2? Up and I'm satisfied with Large.
As fuel consumption also got better acceleration and Axel opening became less, it was the same as when 17 g and litter 38 ? The problem is only Life in 9th. I do not know how to exchange WR
I do not have any Demerit at all and I can not return to OEM anymore.

I used a normal cylindrical Weight roller, but since it will inevitably wear unevenly. From that point onwards, I thought that surface contact or a shape with more contact area would be harder to wear, looking for it. As the area of ??the contact surface of the sliding surface is large, the durability is good. If you make the outer Plastic part to Teflon or form Teflon outermost layer like a rice cake skin it will be durable ... Is it an amateur thought.

2015년형 트리시티 125 유저 입니다. 기본 스톡 무브볼은 20*12 10g*6ea 입니다. 주위에 같은 기종을 타고 있는분들 이야기를 들어보면 한치수 위(11g)을 권장했으나, 이때당시 해당제품 재고가 없어서 10.5g을 주문했습니다. 11g 짜리가 어느만큼 좋을지는 모르겠으나, 충분히 성능에 향상이 있슴을 느낍니다. 전체적으로 가속력이 좋아졌습니다. 하이퍼벨브 이후 가격대비 튜닝효과는 최고라고 생각합니다. 2015 Tree City 125 users. The basic stock move ball is 20 * 12 10g * 6ea. If you listen to stories about people who are on the same model around you, At this time, we did not have the product in stock at that time, so we ordered 10.5g. I do not know how good an 11g is, but I feel there is enough performance improvement. As a whole, acceleration has improved. I think the price tuning effect after the hypervalve is the best.(translated by Google Translator)

Since we refresh the drive system, I also replaced WR. Dr reputable for Review etc.. I purchased it because I wanted to use Pulley. I tried it to 13 g by saying that 2 UP is better than my favorite WR. Acceleration has improved.. I think I will collect several kinds. Coating degree It seems better to have Grease up.

Originally i planned the one i normally use which is the yellow color 11g...because of no stock available to use in my 2nd yamaha nmax i decided to go ahead with the black type but 10g as it is the only available, furthermore i am used to dr pulley and im confident in their products especially its slider for endurance. Overall im satisfied with the black dr pulley except for its weight is too light for settings and it roars a bit louder at take off then later everything seems ok for me, performance at mid to high rpm is awesome.

Replace with reverse car Pulley replaced 2 type TMAX
It is SJ 04 J

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I tried Weight Roller up to 16 g on the reverse car Pulley but not threatened
So I tried replacing it
Out of two companies, half here if it is here
I do not know what is different from the taller one, but because it is inexpensive for cheap w

【How was it actually used?】
This has changed to Ron Roller and everything that was doing variously changed to Don Pissha itself
First from Smooth
When using lightweight WR, 30 km / It was a feeling that it accelerated at a stretch from about h, but it came to be connected to acceleration while increasing the rotation speed comfortably to Smooth from the low speed range leading to it
It seems to be due to the shape being lowered in the low speed range
This ~ 30 km / I thought about adding Shim washer to improve the part of h, but I felt satisfied when I did DoctorPulley

We bought 20 g and 17 g, but acceleration fee Ring was better than 20 g even when wearing 16 g × 4, 17 g × 4 of the usual shape

Exchange to 17 g afterwards
I was wondering whether to use two kinds in combination, but eventually 17 g × 8 is the best fee Ring and acceleration is also good

Still, when traveling on highway cruises 100 km / h at 5200 rpm

In the summer touring, it is 26 km by expressway cruising / fuel efficiency of lOver
Acceleration also improves, and in the high speed range the speed of rotation will also settle down, so there is no complaints
Camping supplies and Rear boxes and so on anyway it was a margin of acceleration even in full load condition

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Tightening of PulleyNut Torque is unusual Torque, so a proper tool is essential
Pulley holder is also required
Tightening Torque is 160 N - Because it is m ...

Since it is a structure to slide, Grease up will also be necessary, and Pulley holder, 12. It is better to purchase 7 sq Torque wrench and 29 mm socket

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
Since DoctorPulley has direction, so that it will not be mistaken
Let's apply Grease for Pulley firmly
Because I slide rather than rolling

There seems to be a bad compatibility with Ramp Plate which increased the drop of OEM processing
When it gets high rotation rather than a perfect circle, DoctorPulley slides and the surface that hits the Ramp Plate changes, so it seems there is a thing that it is not hit hard when it is a processed Ramp Plate

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Especially nothing!

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I would appreciate it if Grease was included

【Have you compared items?】


Exchange to the reverse car Pulley, change to the reverse car Weight
But I want a bit more acceleration feeling, another step is setting ...
I do not think there is any loss when trying it
I was ideally Don Pissha for myself

Periodic Grease up will be necessary because of the structure to slide afterwards
Although I ran 3,000 km with tours in the summer but still seems to be Large durable ...

After exchanging about 1000 km at 20 g it replaced it to 17 g but because there was no uneven wear and no Grease cut
Is it about 5000 km, to check every half year

Dr.Pulley Variant Weight Roller 16x13, setting these weights, I noticed a change in the performance of the variator, the working speed slightly increased compared to the classic rollers of the same weight. I'm happy, the only drawback is missing the weight marking on the rollers themselves.