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Filter udara dari DT-1 memiliki sistem penyaringan tercanggih di dunia. Dengan menggunakan teknologi terdepan, filter udara dengan dua atau tiga lapis busa DT-1 tidak ada tandingannya di dunia.

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Ulasan Produk DT-1

Since the exhaust was changed,
Purchase this product in anticipation of the intake efficiency Up.
It contributed to intake efficiency Up with a good feeling.
Although I wash and use it many times, durability as a Filter is enough without being broken.
For Exactly Size also in OEM's Cage,
The point which can be used as it is without the need for any processing was also good.

Because genuine parts are 3229 yen, it is cheaper than the DT-1 filter. Since the genuine material is an ordinary sponge, this time I decided to use DT-1 with a two-layer structure. The shape looks like a lunch box, it is slightly larger than the one with a one-piece structure and it is clunky. Two types of materials are fastened with adhesive, and the contact surface with the air cleaner uses a material called neoprene. Wearing on the filter case was due to neoprene being inflexible or somewhat troublesome. The product is standard, it seems that oil application is not done. Bio air cleaner oil is required separately, but it will cost 3600 yen in 1 L. Bio air cleaner oil is flame retardant and back fire measures are being applied. For air cleaner oil, some people apply 2 - cycle oil, others apply 4 - cycle oil. Even if it enters the engine, there is no bad influence Oil is 2 cycle oil, but the oil of DT - 1 is flame retardant. It is surely strong and it will not enter the engine. I applied Yamaha's two cycle oil this time.. I will not run extensively enough to cause a back fire - - -. I think that the use feeling after wearing got better elongation of high rotation. I would like to confirm the durability from now.

In conformity it is WR 250, but exactly it is WR 250 F.
Air cleaner Box side is Neoprene Material and you can be in close contact !!.

NORMAL's FilterGuide (framework) The mounting.
Slightly tight, but no problem.
It seems that the intake efficiency has improved and Torque has increased.

I also expect durability.

I do not have any special mention. This type of hand wears Iroiro Manufacturer, but there is not much difference in performance. I installed it on the WR 250 R, but I do not feel the difference with OEM in particular.

Fit feeling also OEM and Large no difference, if you buy OEM as spare, recommend DT-1 also price.

By the way, Maintenance uses WAKOS cleaning agent and Filter oil.

I chose it by Brand name and price. If you are not crispy Tune you will not feel the difference in Manufacturer.

To be sure by the product made from a Neoprene, the contact surface with an Air-cleaner VOX has stuck well.However, since elasticity of the Neoprene was bad, pains was taken over attachment.

Compared with a pure Filter like a free Sponge, structure is considerably solid.

Although a fire-resistant Filter oil is the appearance of boast of this Manufacturer, since severe usage that a backfire happens is not carried out, the surplus Engine oil is used.A bad condition in particular is not likely to occur but it is likely to be satisfactory.

Since the Filter was like tattering powder when overhauling the Air-filter VOX, when it searched confusedly, the splendid price used that it was unexpected.Since DT-1 was cheap No. 1 in it, it thought how kana ?, but structure is also solid and it is very pleasing.