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When using Clear Clutch Cover, you can see that Anodized Treatment Pressure plate Ring is running around. Together with Pressure plate, please make your own taste.

Clutch pressure plate, OEM Product is not Anodized Treatment, so if you are beautifully Anodized Treatment like this product will further complement Clear Clutch Cover. Conversely, if you do not use Clear Clutch Cover it will be meaningless goods.

The performance of Motorcycle does not change at all, but Clutch is clearly Cool from the Clear cover, looking all round. Basically it is a world of self-satisfaction, but I like it very much.

In the conformity model, ML 1000 DS was also listed, but it does not fit at all!

It has manuals but it is difficult to understand by printing only the photograph of the process.
When installing, the position of Tandem Footpeg is misaligned.
The movement of Brake pedal is bad, so I managed to manage it after installing Grease up.
At least, I'd like to attach Return spring.
I bought it because there is no other Manufacturer, but it was worse than I thought.

I bought it for scratching and replacement. The same as what was attached before. Nevertheless, the price is 1 / I am very satisfied with about 4. I like Match color design also to Motorcycle.

Small you two can be installed by yourself.
The largest Large Frame plug was not installed by myself.
I look nice and happy.

DucatiMultistrada 1200s Can not be used for MODEL where Bar End and Knuckle guard after 2015 MODEL are integrated.