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When I was sent at first it was awful powder or Carbon was messy..

However, as soon as we contacted you, we exchanged for prompt response. Things that I received are very beautiful and I like it. From the beginning that product was this ☆ 5.

I got lost a lot, but purchased without being able to resist the convenience of the Top case.

Although it felt somewhat expensive, it seems that product accuracy and construction are well fitted and it seems enough strength.

Price, material cost 20%, planning - Design cost 40%, processing - Is it a feeling that it is 40% manufacturing cost - - - ?

I think that it is recommended for those who wish to install a Top case on 2017 to Ninja 1000.

Installation was a can Tan, I was worried that the Chatter sound would be caused by vibration, but there were no abnormal sounds and troubles which are worrisome. Perhaps Rubber cushion is doing a good job. But the price is high Image.

Purchased for Touring of 3 nights and 3 nights, I installed it myself.
Mounting is not particularly difficult. HipSupport is removed with a hexagonal Screw and mounted using the Screw hole in the removed place.
SeatBack instead of Pannier case was forcibly fixed with Net.
I can not load up to the Camping tool, but I think that it is about Large if it is about 3 days stay at Hotel..
Although it is glad that it was possible to accumulate luggage which was not impossible although it is originally not a suitable motorcycle for touring, it is a disadvantage that the price is very high.

Exactly not attached to ninja 1000 Exclusive Design, the upper end is floating and pakopako. Also, of course the installation is Double - sided Tape, but the width of the Tape is narrow and the top end comes out.
I want you to make it a wider Tape.

I do not imply the custom parts too much, but I think that this should be delivered, I will comment
First of all, although it is a product, it is not as conspicuous as I thought, and it was Simple whether it is how to take a picture

But I thought that my Concept was casual and I thought it was just right and ordered

There is no complication if it is this Gold amount with this accuracy and this Gold amount also in this design

What I wanted to tell you, to those of my brother who are not accustomed to installing Custom parts

I wanted to convey easy installation method

I will show you how to install

First of all, my Full Exhaust System is in place and I am in Front fender "We are also installing strange stuff like Vero"

I think that you understand w (It was pretty good this time w)

So it was a difficult point that the installation space was extremely narrow

I did not want to do much, but I removed all CowlFront and Tank games

I did not want to do too much to go through this troublesome honesty

Perhaps most people do not want to do it w

So, it's a way but I'm keeping this narrow and tight as much as I can cut the Handlebar

I forced to remove Cowl of Left Side only from the front and forced it w

Protect the Exhaust pipe and other parts so as not to scratch it by turning on the enclosed Air cap

I attached it by force technique

Rubber's Cushion at the top of the Radiator attached from the beginning was taken off from the beginning

About Core guard Body, I thought that vibration and Chatter would come out but I ran about 300 kilometers

I was okay to check even when Idling

Cowl cars are pretty tough because their labor costs are pretty, so it's cheaper to do it myself ^ ^

The conclusion is to just remove Both Sides and remove one of them and sample it as it is, only to restore

The tool to use is about Hexagonal

In my case I stopped Bolt with Masking tape on Cowl when I removed it

This way you can do without mistakes and it does not take hours to do quite a bit of work

If you learn hang by examining how to remove Cowl with Net, you can do it without breaking it

The biggest hang is not impatient, it does not irritate, it takes time on purpose and it is slowly ^ ^

Because this is the real thrill of the biggest Large of Motorcycle messing

Parts we got themselves have a sense of accomplishment considerably

I think that it is unlikely that Style is good, but the backward visibility falls.
I decided to do it because I got to put Mirror in a parking lot without collapsing.

The backward visibility has become extremely bad.
I will assume no way for Style-oriented Short Type..
Because Mirror's folding is unnecessary and entrance into and out of the bicycle park has become easy, it will be a righteous person.