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I bought it for scratching and replacement. The same as what was attached before. Nevertheless, the price is 1 / I am very satisfied with about 4. I like Match color design also to Motorcycle.

Small you two can be installed by yourself.
The largest Large Frame plug was not installed by myself.
I look nice and happy.

DucatiMultistrada 1200s Can not be used for MODEL where Bar End and Knuckle guard after 2015 MODEL are integrated.

OEM of Material : PlasticCap is vulnerable to mindless Prank.
(If it seals Seat or code with Knife, until then ...)
This Cap is not adjusted unless it is 10 mm Hexa Wrench. Because it is a tool not included in the car's on-board tool, I think that it is a tool that is unrelated to ordinary people.
It's good if you guard some things ...

As shown in the photo after installation, it shines gently.
The ground around the engine was tightened!

In the middle of the CrankcaseLeft Side throat, a peaceful Alternator Cover of the same color is settled.
This child did not do something bad, but I bought a little more to make it a fashion.
I tried replacing it and thought "I am beautiful!", But my car is a bit old female so I'm floating a bit (゜ Д ゜;)

It is not cheap Attachment, but I do not regret buying it.

OEM Product is Black-like Material : Plastic, so it's like a knob so you can open it even with no tools. It is dangerous.
And it's pretty crappy.

This product can also be opened with Hexagonal Wrench, but opening and closing with bare hands is impossible first.

The shape is also quite coquettish, I like it..

* Packing will be diverted from OEM Product.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
OEM's Rubber cap has become loose due to deterioration, so at this time I should exchange it with Frame plug as Imechen.

【How was it actually used?】
Making details is beautiful and very satisfying.
When I wear the Black color, when it is a distant eye, it looks like Rubber cap and looks a little sorry.

【Mounting was difficult?】
Just tighten in Hexagonal Wrench, easy to install.

【Please tell me the installation point and hang】

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
It is not conspicuous at all in Black color and there is no Custom feeling, so I regret a bit that I could have used other colors.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

【Have you compared items?】
Frame plug of AELLA


I also recommend Shop, I thought that it might be a bit expensive but I tried purchasing.
The painting of the Black Cap of OEM is bald and it looks bad, so it became very pleasing to look after replacement.
Red There is one point of Carbon instead of a single color, so not only a luxury feeling comes out, but also the weakness is suppressed.
At the time of installation, we forgot to port Pack of Cap of Brake side from OEMCap, we installed it as it is, I made a misunderstanding mistake of leaking it.