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FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE Required when using Coil's Coil.
Depending on the item, this product is not enclosed in Coil, so be careful.
We also purchased Dyna coil, I thought it seems to be installed, but this product was not enclosed and was purchased separately.
When purchasing Dyna coil, we recommend that this Dust Boots & Crimp Gold Item Set is enclosed..

I used it in the former GS 400.
It is cheap to disqualify than to purchase at a certain Okonjon.
I thought that it was a parallel import item but PMC's Instruction Manual of FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM agency was included.
I talk about nothing to webike, but Screw is missing or the installation Instruction Manual is very painful to understand.
Also, a gold tool that crimps the Plug cord was not enclosed and was purchased separately.
I do not mind purchasing separately, but with item marks etc in the item description "Plug cord crimping gold accessories sold separately" etc. I think that I wanted you to fill in.
Clearly say that purchasing and installing are products intended for the professional.
However, this cheapness is attractive only to items that make about 50,000 when purchasing with a certain Oakon.
Regarding performance, Idling's stability etc.. Was remarkable and satisfied.

CB is this although Z1 is FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM 2000.buying it only with start-up nature becoming good and being released from troublesome Point adjustment, although the
Sound changes somewhat -- it is -- it will merely break before and behind that in about two years -- those who have for a long time need to consider it luck -- I think that it is easy to judge them since the breaking signs are known.It is because this purchase also broke and since a Coil also broke, the winner-takes-all substitute made it the Kit.

It is required for the Coil of a FXDC DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM.

[a Webike Monitor] --
> -- since my Motorcycle (CB900F 82 model) is old, it is anxious about a generation of electrical energy.
A power generation state is known with this product. Since more than it is NORMAL in LOW, less than

12.2V can judge easily.
-- < -- it does not br, > attach and vomit -- it is two of +- in たん. It will be OK if the place which turns on electricity by
Ignition ON is made to interrupt.

[Webike Monitor] Although
> attachment is easy, there are no required accessories which follow in a Light set. It connects with - terminal of the
Coil, and is wiring of back run control. If it is satisfactory if it is
Single Coil, but it is a double Coil, it must be made to have to sink below a Condenser and wiring must be made.
It is dramatically troublesome. We recommend you purchase with the
> light.

Since the plug cord of GSX-R1100 which saw the 20th year has carried out Canali hardening, the place and Colet who are going to buy only a plug cord and were looking for the suitable thing are found and purchased!
Although it is dramatically as cheap as the meter neighborhood of 1000 yen, the plug cap is attached once (though it is cheap), and when it thinks from a price, there is Canali's profitable feeling!
Of course, a test also OKs appearance shapely, without it seeming that it becomes a problem in the case of attachment (with a photograph, the left is normal and the right is a dynatek.)!

An operation manual is also intelligible, and since die length can be adjusted, it is easy-to-use.
Or [ being the best for a motorcycle with between / long / a coil fixing point and a plug ]!