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So far I have used MCDAVID, ZAMST, but this is the best for me.
【No strangeness】
Height 171 cm, weight 67 kg, Waist 80 cm Feeling beneath the Left of the ribs feel a bit somewhat
It is a figure. Up to now, the protruding part under Left of this flat rib and the upper part of Belt front part overlap, and there is sense of incompatibility
There was a Damage to the Shirt in the overlapping part, but if it is 6M Size purchased this time, I feel almost uncomfortable
No, Damage to clothing seems to be considerably reduced.
【Fit feeling is easy】
Velcro is amazing. Thin, peeling off. Because it is thin, there is no sense of stiffness at all. Truly Japan lady maid
【My scene】
The waist stretched out, pain occurred in Timing, a few days (Remove at bedtime and during bathing) By attaching
I am taking measures against low back pain.

Since the Race era, Waist belt has been used a lot
More recently than Protection effect "Mitigation effect of low back pain" Is better than
It is becoming aim, but this "Free-style" is slender
(Suitable for Sports which is forced to be bent forward and Large Young Sports for knee flexion and extension)
And, as explained in the explanation, movement is not disturbed, it is good.
Especially I am 6M (16. 7 cm) We have selected thin ones
Considering the Guard effect, 7M choice is not bad, is not it?
I thought of always using Small little things as light as this
It was as intended. Moreover, the construction is good. It's better than any MODEL ever!
- - - However,. It's kind of like being able to buy Large people
school days (Or Fresh Man era) But it is still tough.
I thought that it would not evolve from a certain period already
What a novelty evolution has been accomplished!

I am using it when driving in Motocross. There is a firm sense of security also feeling attached. Belt's Magic tape is also easy to use, it is easy to remove at the time of wearing, but it never shifted during use. I think that sewing is also solid and can be used for a long time.

I used waist Belt which I purchased at the Sports store until now, but since I came, I decided to look it up variously.
Because I have low back pain, I searched for a thin one that firmly supports and does not disturb Motocross's Riding.
Although the price is somewhat high, the construction such as sewing is also good, the feeling of fit - I am satisfied with the sense of support.
Since the abdominal circumference is about 95 cm, it was just with 7 L Size.

I read it in a magazine that JNCC Top riders love and I tried purchasing themselves (Lol)

Because Magic tape that patent was acquired is powerful, even if it fixes it with considerably strong force it can not come off.
However, if you remove it with your hand it will peel off briefly easily.
When you want to tighten loosely, it is easy to adjust the force when you want to tighten strongly.

Because it is thin, I put it on the Inner Pants and put on Off-roadPants on it and wear it.
The Buckle of Off-road Pants turns into Stopper in a nice way, and e-Belt does not rise Gap to the abdomen while driving off-road.

It seems to forget that it is thin, but there is a feeling that the waist is released when it is removed with berry "Oh, you supported me firmly" I will be pleased.. People who do not want to hurt your waist, but of course it will be useful for those who have already hurt.
Also, Damage when hitting around the waist with a fall is alleviated.

I repeated washing many times in Net, but I do not feel Magic tape weakened for now and I can keep it clean ♪

If you have Pants that can afford Waist, I think you can also use it regularly without getting on Motorcycle.