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Produk Baru Eazi-Grip

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Kualitas bagus, lem merekat keras, harga reasonable dan lebih murah daripada harus order ke provider lainnya. Keamanan pembeli juga terjamin

프로타입과 실리콘타입 둘 다 샀습니다 돌기는 없지만 그립력으로 봤을땐 에보,프로,실리콘 중에서 실리콘이 제일 좋은 것 같네요 아직 붙이기 전입니다만 바지에 대고 문질러 봤습니다 프로타입보단 실리콘이 마찰력이 조금 더 좋은 느낌이네요 참고하시길 I bought both Pro type and Silicone type. It does not turn, but when I look at grip, I think silicone is the best among Evo, Pro, and Silicon. I just rubbed it on my pants. It's a bit better than the pro-type silicone.(translated by Google Translator)

Previously, I used other products, but since the adhesion was weak, it got me purchasing this item next.
This shape is suitable for Tank of R1100. Adhesion is also strong, Alcohol absorbent cotton is also tough, so you can easily paste it.

The feeling of use is thin because Pad itself is thin, even if you apply your knees to Tank, there is no sense of incompatibility, and at the time of Breaking and acceleration, it will prevent Gap from Tank firmly.

Speaking of the difficulty, it is odor of Rubber or it is sweet as it is fine. Because it smells awfully, it may be better to put out of the box for several days before putting it.

You will have a much better balance of bikes with this product. It has a good grip and a good position. Excellent adhesion.

I purchased EVO for YZF-R1 2018 MODEL.
At first I tried to make it stomp, but the Panel part under Tank was [Color] Earlier I chose Eazi-Grip because it will turn black even if I choose Clear. Compared with Stomp used for 2 years at 14 R, the stomp grips with a point in a conical shape, whereas Eazi-Grip is spherical and grips at the face.

And when you touch the surface of the stomp with your fingers, it smothers, but here it sticks to your finger like Rubber. Even Denim and jeans have a powerful grip, and clothes do not hurt. Although you can move freely if you do not press the stomp, Eazi-Grip grips to some extent without pressing it. I think that preference is divided when this is staggered.

Also, although it is the difference between PRO and EVO, I tried a friend's PRO, but the Grip ability is inferior to EVO and those who go to pass or circuit recommend EVO. The advantage of PRO is that it looks more natural than EVO. As a disadvantage there is not a reference image so you have to paste it with your intuition while watching the image of Net. It is also very Rubber smelly.

I think that the price is also cheaper than Stomp, excellent in Cost performance, I think that Grip power is also above Stomp, so once it is worth using.

Raceetc of United Kingdom. It seems that it is almost used.

EasyGrip's Tank Pad is the third one with this, but I bought a new product Silicon type.

Tank pads usually have uneven surfaces, but EasyGrip's compliance with this Silicon has a smooth surface. However, it is much easier to grip Knee than Knee grip of Tank.

Although I do not mind that the type with uneven which used before was not worried if it is Leather, the surface of Pants went fuzz with Denim, but if this type it is not worried.

The uneven Pad thought that it looks a bit somewhat, but if it is this type it does not matter too much.

You can not lick it
Weak adhesion at Level, but

I will buy the adhesive on my own.

Seal to peel off a little more
Who should think about it?

I paid 5000 yen and bought Garbage.

Tsuka MyMotorcycle
New Model ninja Add quickly

Where I'm expecting :
1. Improvement of Knee grip

Nice thing :
1. I got lost in transparent and Black, but the body was red / Because it is Black, I made it to black, but there is not much sense of incongruity, a slight tightening impression.

2. I feel that not only Knee grip, but also the overall riding elevation is rising. I feel I will not fix Position.

bad place :
1. Instruction Manual translated (Please enter here Please note that it is not compatible ^ ^;

2. Wait 24 hours or more after pasting. I have to aim for the sunny day the next day.

3. high. Cutting looks sloppy for the price.