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Among Closed type of All resin, overwhelming Cost performance.
There is not much fancy, but the Guard part is made of 1 Parts, so it is harder to break than what is made of 2 Parts.
Material If there is, it will not crack unless it is used quite a bit.
I think Guard strength is necessary and sufficient.
Also, as it is not quite light, it is better not to have any influence on Handling.

If there is one drawback, it can be said to the general resin hand guard, but the sense of fixation is weak and it is easy to twist and turn around.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 I bought it because I wanted a Guard with SMART shape when protecting hands from flying stones and branches.
【How was it actually used?】 Functionality was enough. Just because the branches hit the fingertips depending on the installation, we have difficulty positioning Wiring and Guard.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 In my case I cut off the part that corresponds to Wiring. If that is the case, it cracks when it falls, so we attach it with Screw as a subsidiary of the Stainless Steel board.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 It is the same as above, but if Wiring inevitably collides, I think it would be better to shred the Guard. Just round off the corner or Wiring will hurt unless you paste the rubber.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] I thought that it would be easier to attach, but it was unexpected that Accelerator Wire would hit it.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 I think if there is a movie of installation etc.. We also purchased Poly sports products, but the information is for FOR JAPAN MODEL - Often not going out abroad.
【Have you compared items?】 Similar products of ZETAHand guard and Poly sports
[Others] Because it is easier to slip through the trees than Aluminum's hand guard, I purchase such a product. With color with White with falling with White, it will fall, but I do not care because it is not noticeable. Moreover, since it never folds even if it falls, I think that it is not something that will be broken soon.
The color in the case when White became reflected in the 2nd photograph and Screw of the shaved part (Right Side as seen from the front) is.

I installed it in the TDM 900 and already love it for about 10 years since I bought it.

The hardest thing about Riding in the cold season is the cold of the limbs. So, I installed a Grip heater on a thick Winter Gloves, and it will be, but when I run on a highway, the degree of cold weather protection is so cold that there is no effect.

I think that wind protection measures are more important than anything to prevent cold in Motorcycle. Recently many ManufacturerOEM's Knuckle guard has been lineuped, but Universal products are not so many.
Also, OEM's Knuckle guard is often undesirable in Design.

Poly sports's Knuckle guard is almost mountable if it is a Pipe Handlebar Motorcycle and design is also Sharp so I think it will fit various Motorcycles.

Although it is not a very large Guard, it is Large enough to hide his hands, and the running wind is surely prevented.

Even if installation is somewhat uneven, because it is universal, I think that if you make delicate adjustments Large I think many things are durable, but if you need to prepare Spacer separately, such as Washer and Color.

Also, when installing this Guard, depending on the shape, I think that OEM's Bar End will be unusable.

Quality has been used for more than 10 years, but there are no cracks, no cracks, no color fading has occurred. I think that it is a Knuckle guard that not only adaptive Motorcycle and MOTARD series but also SportsNAKED suits.

Because it was only Number Seal Cowl, it was diverted to create NUDA Modki. For changing clothes, removal of attachment nails, completion of BlackSeat on the back of Cowl completed. It installed more so that it looks more like the windshield effect and can return it without car body side machining.

After install and test on the night time, it's came with good cutoff of light beam on original bulb(HS1)come with headlight set. I try to change LED bulb made in china, it's still good cutoff and more brighter than HS1, but can't use rubber cap for cover LED bulb. ~Well done POLISPORT~

【What made you decide the purchase?】
KLX250carburetorSpec. Because Headlight was not modern (Lol)

【How was it actually used?】
I am satisfied with the appearance. People who run at night stopped trying ...

【Mounting was difficult?】
I can not put a pon for the European ball, but I think that it is not difficult because it is relatively easy Wiring.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I have not used full-scale on Off-road yet, but what happens when I roll ...

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I want you to issue Wiring from Valve.
【Have you compared items?】
Poly sports, HaloMODEL
I think that most people will choose Halo, so it is recommended for people who want to be different from people.

Mounting on KDX125SR.
Since KLX was fitted with the company's Halo, LMS X was chosen.

I was wearing D - TRACKEROEMLight cowl, but it is very light compared to that.

It can be attached with firm Rubber attached to Fork, Universal degree is high for installation.

On the performance side, hiBeam does not become usable trying to light the sky.

Light intensity is somewhat inferior to D-TRACKEROEMLight cowl.

dTRACKER 125, Olm Handlebar of Klx 125. Brake side is attached without problems. On the Clutch side, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Hitoshi etc. , It is necessary to cut the welding part of BrakeHose Holder diagonally with the Grinder and also to cut off the Clamp part of this product. Once attached, you are firm and bush will fully protect Lever. Because it is a shiny material, I think that there is no problem in terms of strength. Bar EndOpen Type you can install it cheaply on the OEMHandlebar.