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EK CHAIN HEAVY DUTY 420SR ( NUMBER OF LINK 110 ) The chain can really fit to my GPX Demon very well. Like the color of the chain so much, and I felt more silent compare with my original chain. It is really good quality and the price is reasonable. I like it so much. Super fast delivery, taken only five days to reach Malaysia. Good seller... will repeat buy the same thing again.

Originally I bought the car body second hand, but there was also Steain's Chain and it was RustRust at less than 10,000 miles traveled.....

Because Wheel is Gold, I made it to Black and Gold Chain accordingly.
In addition, it is rumor that I heard from acquaintances around before buying it, but if it is gold it is hard to rust or somehow.. ((

I actually used it for 15000 km, I used it for a while but it does not seem rusty!
It looks better Parenthesis and became favorite Chain.

As Merit there is still a place where prices are certainly a little high, but now it is attached

Price <Parenthesis Yoshi, Cospa

Motorcycle, which has been a successor, has also continued to wear this Chain.
Compared to when I bought it a few years ago, the Grease that is dazzling has become moderate, and the scattering after mounting has been reduced.
Gold color is moderate, there is no gloomy disgusting, it can be used calmly.
There is almost no initial extension and the frequency of tension adjustment is suppressed.

Although I have not exchanged yet this time, I was wearing it in the last Motorcycle so I was able to realize the goodness at that time so I purchased it this time too!
I think that lightness can be realized especially when Axel is turned off

I have not run for about 5000 K yet,
I have not adjusted since I stretched from the beginning.
I think that it will last long if this condition is met.

For many years, it is E Ennu Chain for a long time. It is also 520 SRX 2 Series. This time I made it Silver color to prevent rust. It's price is steel color though,

My friend used it and I was drawn to it
As a result of examining variously, I finally decided on this product.
I am fluffy in Large by myself.
However, if the price is - - - - -

It is luxury goods, but it is beautiful anyhow. When you try to paint clearly and transparent Chain oil, Chain shines like a mirror without exaggeration (Lol). There were also round corners and not being caught in Dustcloth, Chain cleanup ran RankUp from pleasant work to the pleasure of Motorcycle life w
As for the performance aspect as the essential Chain, there is no stretchy impression even when repeating Circuit running, it seems to last long even at 520 Size.