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Until the rainy season starts from spring March to June.
And in autumn October, November I am wearing this Jacket.

It's Exactly in hot weather for winter, a little cold at Mesh.
There is a sense of stiffness a bit for comfort, but I do not mind get used to it.
I can run quite comfortably without flying at high speed nor getting anything like winter as well.
The Ventilation system is also on, so it's on the wind when it's hot.

It is not Waterproof, but if you do WaterproofSpray it will be Large even with a little showers.
I think that it is convenient if you wear one.

Because this product moves Knuckle guard, it is easy to move fingers without stretching. Cover the cuffs, you can prevent the entry of drafts from the sleeves. There is a thermal insulation performance up to the fingertips. Cooling measures by running wind is necessary. It was not cold enough with wind protection by hand cover and heat retention by body temperature.

Elf is currently using Full Mesh for summer but I bought this for autumn. Fabric, sewing is also good, with Inner that can be removed, this price is good for bargains, of course Design is also good.

I used Mesh Gloves with Protection of Honda so far, but Protection got a pain hitting my fist by all means. It changed to Gloves of here for too much pain. I am satisfied with Large and good operability. It does not pass the wind as Mesh, but it is comfortable without steaming. I like the design but I am satisfied as I am.
Desorption is also easy and it is solid.

A kiss made by KIJIMA 10 years ago RACINGFWOMesh jacket has been getting tingled with repeated falls and accidents Damage, so I was looking for a new Mesh jacket. I went around watching the Motorcycle supplies store in the prefecture, but almost all of Black color or Jacket of Black color base occupied, I was surprised that there is almost no choice for Black Jacket.
So I found this product, although Emblem or Emblem where White color is pasted with Base is divided into likes, because there are many White color parts, it is difficult to see from the other person in dark nighttime driving There is also the advantage of good sex.
It is cooling performance as Mesh jacket, but I think that it is good to be able to adjust because there is a thin Inner of detachable Polyester. It's a good time to wear a thin Inner so it's chilly with running wind. I think that I will remove midsummer and wear it.
I bought it with importance on Design, but I think that the function and texture are also at the high level. The only regret was that it can be said to Jacket of other Manufacturers, that Chest Protector is not Standard Equipment, but there are many selling separately. About 30% of the cause of death of Rider in CatchCopy of ProtectorManufacturer somewhere was due to blowing of the chest, so I thought it would be good to become Standard Equipment. Buy Chest Protector sold separately

Design, Fit feeling, texture etc.. Is the best.

As a discontent, the Cushion between the Carbon protector and the fist is thin, or the Left fist on the Clutch side rubbed and it hurt.
Since there is a Pocket Quantity : 1pc. It is likely to be resolved.
Although it is designed to be able to operate smartphones, it may be better not to expect too much.

I bought it for spring and autumn looking for ParkaType's Jacket.
For elf's Jacket I like a place that is not Motorcycle Jacket-like design anyhow.

- Although it may be hard to understand in the product image, reflective material is attached to the front and rear with a letter shape of H on the shoulder.
- Since Ventilation is only on the back, I think it would be nice to relax the cuffs when it is hot, I wonder if the shoulder has an intake.
- Although it is written also in the item explanation, Protector is only in the back and it is Soft Type, so you need to buy it separately.

The recent trendy ParkaType is on sale from each company, but since the materials and functions are different, we recommend purchasing considering usage.

I thought that the function would also be solid by saying elf and purchased it on the premise of use in cold climates, high places, rainy weather.
First, although it is a texture, it is a place like price.
I think that coloring of feeling is Cool.
However, the operability is very bad. It is very tiring because we need useless power by Clutch operation owing to stiff.
In addition, although it is Rain performance, I think that I have it in the fog and super small rainy position.
Large I used it in the rain but did not waterproof about 30 minutes or so.