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GSX - R1000 K6 + brembo full Floating Disc impression from Jiku Type C
Unlike Jiku, it does not work at all until it breaks in. As the film is formed it will start to work so be careful until then.
Although Giku was a wonderful braking power, but I'm not good at Breaking, it is difficult to control fine, and at the straight end in Circuit driving it always slows down too much, but after switching to this Endless Pad, surprisingly Control It got better.

The maximum Large braking force feels more intense Gi Ku is more effective,
I felt the feeling that Pad kept going down on disc with the fingertips, so it was easy to understand how effective it was, so I was able to cope calmly without fear even though I thought it was too much in the straight end.
As people get used to it, people are greedy and they want a little more braking power (Lol) Next time I wanted to try the new type SinteredPro. (Unfortunately there is no new Type setting for K6)

Unfortunately, I do not mind that the price is somewhat expensive, but Dust is a big point to Big Ri (Lol)

Currently favorite Endless Brake Pads. Purchase as spare this time. Braking power rises as much as I grasp BrakeFeel likes it Pad that is perfect for people. It is a good eye, but I think that there is no sense of high resolution.

The beginning of griping is gentle, after that the Linear effect comes up according to the amount you grasped. It's a delicate Touch that can really fine-tune with a handful of fingers and a feeling that you get the effect of Brake as much as you need. Of course absolute braking force is complain.

It is expensive - - - Still Large satisfied!

YZF-R1 (09) It had ridden, and it was used with pure ->ZCOO and the Pad made from ENDLESS was put in.Although the Pad which is effective against Gatun and a Hard from the early stages of
is seldom to its liking, this Pad has characteristics which are effective as it grasped, when grasping.You are easy to carry out the
Control. Aren't you the optimal for use in a Winding or a Circuit?although the Brake pad for 6 pod Calipers of the
Yamaha does not not much have a choice and ZCOO is a commanding lead in notability, also despise this Pad very much -- it has what is not.

It exchanged for endless from METALLICO.
Although effectiveness of METALLICO was wonderful, difficulty was felt for control nature a little.
In a circuit, I think the highest.
Although METALLICO is lost at strength in endless, the merit of control nature shines and it can grasp a well and a lever.
A product brake stopping distance is also short.
It is whether although it is expensive, it is the best for the person [ want / a brake ] who can use in comfort ..