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ENDURANCE merupakan brand pemasok suku cadang HONDA Thailand di Jepang yang menyediakan berbagai parts original untuk motor keluaran Thailand seperti PCX, MSX125, Super Cub C125, dan lain-lain.

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Sudah terpasang dengan rapi di Honda Super Cub C125. Packaging Oke. Barang Sesuai Dari Jepang. Pengiriman Cepat Hanya Saja Proses Bea Cukainya Yang Lama. Thx Webike!

barang TOP banget ....plug & play ....kualitas cnc bagus

이 헬멧열쇠고리는 나에게 헬멧을 보관하고 도난으로부터의 걱정을 사라지게했다.오도바이에 잠착도 쉽고 가격도 제품에 기능적으로 적절하다고생각한다.헬멧을 보관하고 자유롭게 쇼핑을 할수잇어서너무좋다.다른사람들에게 이제품을 추천하고싶다. This helmet key ring has kept me a helmet and eliminates the worries from theft. I would recommend this product. translated by google

The ENDURANCE (GROM) Oil Cooler Mounting Kit for 4V Head add indicates this mount is product specific. I could not get this product to fit my Endurance type 4v cylinder head satisfactorily. If you look at my photo, one can see the material (white line on bracket) which needs to be removed so the bracket makes proper contact with the valve cover. Without removing any material one must shim with washers between the two mating surfaces. If one looks closely at the add on Webike, it can be seen that Endurance has small spacers (not included with my kit) between bracket and valve cover. The bracket is of quality material but DOESNT FIT. Maybe I brought the only bracket with this problem or maybe Endurance has no idea what there selling and there just about the money not the products.

We still make the price as it is, but the things are firm and satisfied with the Large change.
Because the loadable weight is 8 ?, the point where RearCase 40? Class items can be loaded is really good!
As a precaution, 13Inch's Wrench is mandatory. Since there are only 10 Inch and 14 Inch in the loading tool, it has become a chance to go buy.

NORMAL purchased it because it was difficult to GEARDown. Installation was also easy. It became easier to change Gear after installation. However, because it is the opposite of regular motorcycle and GEAR, it occasionally makes a super emblem.

At the moment the Voltmeter of the Switch did not turn on or not, the voltage was pointing at 8 V
It disappeared and it was broken when I checked it.

Wiring's handling is marginal (I gave it myself) From the Bullet Terminal part of the Coupler the line is blown out
I got it.

Since it is a special item, it was corrected without problem.

While installing, I lost Bolt by losing it and I was despairing, but there was exactly the same thing at Home center and I got a jobless thing.
It is equipped with Smartphone Holder and Drive Recorder, but it can be used without problems.