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EPIC Epic Radiator Cover's Hairline tone
Material : Where I was thinking to attach Carbon Style
I love you at first sight and I'm attaching an air cleaner cover together.

Distorted as Mirror and hard to see. I bought it.. Leave immediately to throw it away. If you buy this, you should pay twice Gold and buy HURRICANE things. I thought it was easy, but rather expensive.

Quality is good for cheap price.
I am satisfied because it was about half the price of other Manufacturer.
I think that it is hundred times better than Universal Product just connecting Pipe though it is a part hidden if you arrive Back.

i customized my bike by GARAGE T&F 3-inches Round Mirror and it is Clear rear view and good looking , fitted it to the Honda CB223 and easily fitted just remove old mirrors and replace new mirrors talking about the strong and toughness i usually ride off roads it dosent be problem at all , size of it mirrors 3 inches and easily go through jungle. Talking about shiping it arrived the more than early i expect and the package is well saftely.

I used it for DRAGSTAR 250.
Clearly the texture of Plating is inferior even compared with the worn-out OEM that I removed.
Although it was a two-set, Front forkPiston was set only on one side, and one was ported from the removed Tube.

Because it is less than half the price of OEM, it is as price.
Low price & low quality product.

Price and appearance were as expected as expected.
It was uneasy because the number of usable Meter φ is unknown.
It is Size that can be used with DAYTONA 60φ.
Red - Green - There was Yellow color Lamp, except for Yellow color was opposite to Instruction Manual.
It took me some time to rewiring it again, but now I can use it.
"There are cases where there is a case reverse to the manual depending on the lot" It was written, but with the normal one
Because the opposite thing is mixed, the person who is purchased from now is Plus - Minus
Even just check it and you should do installation.

Super fast deliverd, I buyed a gas tank, painted an airbrushed it. Looks cool, is cool. I buyed these articles with a friends credit card, no problem. I also buyd this speedometer from T&F. It should ,fit the XVS Drag Star 1100. Impossible! When i walked with my bike, i Had 80 km/h on the speedometer. I led fix id by a official technik center. It worked for a bout a year, more then less. Now it burned twise the pulserless of my bike. It cost me 1700 Swiss Franks until now. I thougth ist will work after the first repair. Otherwise I had send it back,what I unfortgntly not did. The costs arent over now. Better buyed one here in Switzerland. My one fault.

The car body tightens firmly with Small grain.
Plating is also solid, there is no floating.
I think Quality is suitable for the price.

However, it's hot !!
When !!!

Small, but it can not be helped, it is really bad !!
LED replacement recommended.

When Housing lights up with oil,
Because there is a possibility that it will probably get burned,
Even if it is troublesome, it may be necessary to wipe up frequently.