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I received today. I bought it for reward to myself who worked hard for one year. I opened the packing box, it came out! Blue that is peculiar to Titanium !! Cool is it ~ I will fall in love (^^) I feel the real thing is Smaller than the image but as myself as Coffee cup

I use it in combination with Wyvern's Full Exhaust System.
I previously owned MV 83's Titanium L 300, but if I did not insert an Exhaust Baffle, (Lol)

As a result, I sold it in a certain Oakon, and bought it from this site.

I bought L400 Carbon, but this is a rather modest volume and I think that Large is durable without using Exhaust Baffle.
Later on, making details is good.

However, the price (Lol)

I ride the BMW F 800 GS with Leo Vinci's SBKOval Exhaust System, but the place I live in is an apartment complex, the heavy bass of Parallel twin 800 cc is Large. But OEM is heavy and it is unbearable.

Discover this item in such a place. Of course, because it is out of the standard, Thunder and File are handled with one hand. And finished. Let's hang on the Engine ...
Oh! I got very quiet!

Certainly, if you make it a straight tube, you can see something stuffing, but in Leo Binch, you do not mind if you attach the first End Baffle that comes with it. It gets even more quiet..
Unlike Glass Wool, it is good to have no change in silencing effect!

Actually, it is effective also in reducing fatigue at the time of Long touring.
Surprisingly "Sound exhausted" It is alright.
Whether you feel this 7,000 yen cheaply or how high you feel depends on you.

Currently I am on the 2014 GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA.
I think that I will write about exchange work, sound, appearance, performance, price by saying Impression.
First of all, I installed Maverick Mv - 1 Carbon Heat made by CraftArmadillo this time.
Silencer end SC is Standard and SC (Slash cut) Although it was only 2P was good, so I made it with Order Maid. (No additional charges generated)
Before exchanging for Maverick, we have Wyvern 's Slip - on Silencer Twin Silencer and Tail Pipe is diverted as it is. Silencer Only I exchanged.
"Clearing work"
By saying Silencer Only, I can remove Spring and Band and attach it, even with Twin silencer
With 30 minutes I was able to exchange with a margin. The insertion diameter is φ60. 5 with good accuracy, liquid Gasketetc. Although it did not apply, it was able to be installed without exhaust leakage.
It becomes a dry sound compared to Wyvern and it sounds like Race ish. The volume was also quite up, but it was never a straight tube,
Just by listening to exhaust sounds, the fun of Touring is 1. It will increase 5 times.
However, when warming up in a residential area it may be a little worried.
Wyvern sounded heavy bass, and indeed "I'm on a 1300 cc Motorcycle. Although it was the feeling that it was Race ish and becoming a dry sound
I feel like riding in the SS of 1000ccClass.
I feel that the burning color of Titanium is beautiful, the welding is polite and I can not complain.
It is attached to the top "MAVERICK" TitaniumPlate with Logo is a gold luxury impression, it is not noticeable but it is a favorite point.
By shortening and shortening, the Silhouette of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA became quite compact.
Compared to Wyvern which was Torque fully when opening Axel in the Idling state, it seems that a little downward became thinner.
I do not care enough to start running. Because GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA is not Circuit and for Japan FOR JAPAN MODEL can hardly turn it
I think that it was good to be able to turn.
Quantity : 2pc purchase and 100,000 yen. It is not cheap shopping by any means. Before purchase "Is this Small Silencer doing 1 pc 500 th?" I thought that
Actually installed, I changed my appearance and listened to the sound and convinced the price of 100,000 yen.
Lightweight is what made me happy miscalculation. OEMExhaust System is Quantity : Approximately 20 kg at 2 pc. About 7 kg Wyvern. About 1 Maverick. 2kg.
It was about 6 kg lighter from Wyvern, but I felt it was light even from the low speed of the city ride.
It seems that the pass will run quite nice comfortably with this exhaust sound at this.
Included Parts : In Maverick (Non heat resistance) Seal has arrived.
Sometimes it was Large shopping in myself, and I was carefully scrutinizing before purchasing.
When you call CraftArmadillo by phone on a place you do not know by simply including information published by Wei Big
I corresponded politely. Also, as Maverick purchased this time was an Order Made, it was said that it takes one month for delivery when ordering
It was created in about 3 weeks.
Not only the quality but also the correspondence is good, I feel that I was able to do a good shopping as a purchasing side.
There are many Universal Silencers made by other companies, but I think that it is definitely No. 1.
Again, sound, appearance, is the best. I want to go to Touring soon ~.

300 mm Silencer which had been installed since vehicle purchase (Inner60) I got tired of the sound because of the explosion too.
I was looking for used Silencer in NetOakion, but I did not have the Size I wanted quite, so I tried buying it this time.
Inner is squeezing slightly and because the cylinder length is as long as 400 mm, the sound is not an explosive but an ideal deep bass for me. I do not understand the running fee Ring because I am not fully open yet ...
Since the Bolt diameter of the attached Silencer band seems not to fit Kawasaki car, I installed it with hand held band.
The construction of Silencer Body is very beautiful, unexpectedly and enthralling ... it is likely that you can drink this with a knob (Laughing)

The reason is that I bought three identical Silencers within 4 years

1 pc selling it while selling it as it is

Quantity : Buy 2pc 4 months ago for ZX14R

The third one was added and newly added


It is not Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence But the attractiveness to satisfy the appearance is preeminent

Also, BackFire when switching to Full Exhaust System

I get numb.

In other words, you can exchange a simple Silencer at the time of vehicle inspection, with a constitution that is numbered by the sound

Furthermore, early in the morning and residential area etc. technology. Running technology. Exist person if it is possible to correspond think

To be honest, is there any more Silencer?

By the way, I do not like Wa Big so much, but all three are Wa Big

I bought it

Earls Gear - I was wearing Wyvern, but I wanted to make the volume a bit bigger, so I bought it with MaverickSilencer.
First of all, attach this Silker with Baffle Silencer!
Idling is "Oh!" I thought it was a nice feeling, but I did not hear anything more than 3000 turns to MAX and I did not like it for myself who wanted to enlarge the volume ....
I also bought Sports Baffle, so I will try that as well.

The moment I saw it I went shopping Basket.
I use it for myself.
Large Although it may be good to decorate it, please do not use it if you do not use it?
In a structure with a bend indeed it is unreasonable to have a hollow double structure.