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I installed it in the 2018 model MT - 09. Because it is made in France translate (there is no Instruction Manual here please enter. There is an explanation of the English version, although it is a French word. Quantity : 1pc. There is only color Copy. You can tell by observing well..
The edge Rubber attached to Screen was hard so I warmed up with Dryer and installed it. This was the hardest.. I think that there is no hole Gap between Screen and Bracket and the system is good.
I wonder if the condition of the wind at the time of driving is well escaped. I hear a little wind sound.
Just because Screen is Large, it works subtly with Beyonne, Bayon. I wonder if I do not care.
There is a feeling that it looks like it is not MT-09, but the installation is also around 10 minutes so I do not want to remove it.
By the way, it was the last one of Outlet items so I bought it for less than half price!

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Speaking of Screen, the rectification effect. But because of that, Other Brand ProductScreen for Tracer has many privately looking ones, so if it is Stylish in the meantime it was ERMAX that we decided to make it better if we had a larger Large than NORMAL. Of course, other User's Impre was also helpful for Large.

【How was it actually used?】 After installation, I confirmed by shed highway and winding. Although it is the most rectifying effect, if the height of the top of the screen and the rider's eyes are the same, the wind pressure will disappear on the helmet. It is the same even if changing the height by the screen height adjustment mechanism of the motorcycle, 60 km / It runs 100km / Running with h does not change much. If you ride a winding and then ride downwards If you run down without lying down, upper level if you run. In any case the wind pressure coming on both sides of the chest tasted normal is almost not to be bothered. Privately, I like the lower stage which does not enter the line of sight so much and I do not care too much, but if touring it is middle stage ? There is also an upper row.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Apparently there is not much benefit from Screen for Tandem passenger. Moreover, if the height of Screen is made the upper stage with the variable mechanism, a gap of about 4 cm is formed between it and the top of Headlight, and the wind comes in quite a lot from there, so if it is from the shape it can not be helped a bit I think that it is regrettable there.

【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 "Note) Because it hits the Handlebar Guard ? ? ? I think that it is hard for the Japanese to accept manufacturing. The gap between it and the Screen base of Motorcycle got thinner, and water droplets remained on the back of Screen every time wiping up after car wash, so to wipe it off you have to remove Bolt. I want you to consider this kind of place ? ? ? Please say that importer agency.

【Have you compared items?】 From the shape, Fabri's GEN-XSports, ODAX, DAYTONA's Windshield Middle etc.. Everything was attractive and honest.

[Others] Screen is [Color] I made it to Clear. The visibility through the screen is also good. In the case of my Tracer, since Handlebar Guard buffers Handlebar as Other Brand Product, we adjusted the height of the Guard to reduce the degree of buffering.

I also used GUYRA Shield L
Wind Cutting sound and Large
Because it affected Handling
Buy this Large Kisite looks good

I waited one month.
Included Parts : The color of the outside diameter is 13?
Do not enter the Bolt hole of Top Bridge Garbage
Bracket has a width 1? Color Quantity : 2pc. I wanted to wear a set
I made an outer diameter of 12 - width 2 - color
2? It's too wide and Garbage
Color use of Meter visor which I used to date
Width 1. 5?

Since the OEM was receiving weak wind pressure at high speed, it is purchased by wind pressure improvement and Design attraction. Wind pressure is considerably improved, wind resistance to the body is reduced even at Top speed, I think design is quite good. I think that there is nothing to hit as long as Handlebar's full locking contact is also used in a position where screening is difficult.

It is an exchange from the pouch.
Mounting precision is good and Mirror and Screw holes are not deviated.
The shape with stages is smooth, I like the shape of the vehicle and I like it.
I bought a Clear color where scratches are conspicuous, but I am satisfied with Large change.
It is very easy to see through Screen.

Various, I worried about other Screen and made this with imprint and price.
The color of Screen was troubled with Gray clear and Clear and I thought that it was better to have a little color, and I thought it was Gray clear.
When seeing the actual thing, it was good with reasonable presence with correct answer.
Interference with Handlebar will not touch if Screen is lowest.
When the wind pressure at high speed is Low seat and the height is 170, the shoulder burden decreases to the Large width, NORMAL is the muddy water.
I am very satisfied with the appearance and function.

Used in MT-09 Racer

I was in contact with Brush guard
By adjusting the position of the Brush guard well, you could install it without any interference at any height (With Normal handle)

Whatever height you care about is satisfactory
Wind pressure hit from neck to shoulder was reduced to Large width (Height 175 CM Seat is on the high side)
If Seat is set to the low side, there will be further effects

However, because the bunch of winds hitting Helmet gets stronger, it is a place to worry about Wind Cutting sound
I think that there is no choice but to do that.

It is good with a shape that does not impair the design of Motorcycle without too much Large without being too small!
It was good as insect damage to the back of Meter disappears as well.
The windproof effect reduces the wind to the chest, and when you lie down at high speed you feel pretty tired feeling.

Regarding the installation, the installation of the Right Side Bracket was not fitted and the hole was expanded and attached with File.