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ETCHING FACTORY memulai bisnis mereka sebagai perusahaan bidang permesinan. Selain memproduksi part untuk motor balap, ETCHING FACTORY juga mulai mengembangkan beragam part berkualitas tinggi seperti pelindung radiator.

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The mesh design was the main reason of my purchase. Smaller hexagon design is placed in the middle portion to fend off gravels/stones (impact area right above the tyre) while larger hexagon design at the sides to provide more air movement and cooling effect. Very careful thought. The surprise element is the weight, very light indeed. The stainless steel look gives a different feel as compared to the original black radiator. The installation is very simple and can be done easily without any instruction manual

I have been writing for nearly two years but I will write in the impression.

Although it may interfere with the Exhaust System at the screw mounting part under the Radiator, since it is the same as anything, it does not matter for now.

Stainless Steel is a punching process with medicines, so it is attractive that it is thinner and lighter than a molded product.
It does not seem that there is no strength even if it is thin, as it is Stainless Steel it is good not to rust with MaintenanceFree.
I hope you liked the Stainless Steel tone, but good people with a black line are different products.

I frequently wiped it clean, Maintenance is done, Gold mintage to mysterious fetishism ("I do not like Steel" or "Titanium, Stainless ...") I think that it is more cheap if you do not have it.

Personally I think that RadiatorGuard is a woman's bra for Motorcycle.
Whether you like people who do not like it is up to you
"It is attractive even without it, but if you go out for a long time you will regret it in a few years."
"Let's attach firm things as big as Large"
Another woman (Motorcycle) When asked whether to recommend it "Let's like it" I can only say.
But I think this RadiatorGuard is a good one.

I also use it for another Motorcycle, but this product is easy to install because the precision is good and the making is polite. After all I think that Radiator guard is necessary.

At the time of touring in summer I realize that I guard foreign objects such as insects enter the Radiator!
When touring in the rain, realize that the Radiator guard guards entering the Small stone!
It was expensive but I was satisfied with Large.

It is only adopted for Lee Steam, texture and design is good.
As for installation, not only Cowl desorption, but also Radiator shift etc etc etc. Because it is necessary,
I left it to the Motorcycle store.

wow~!! good!! I recommend it!! The delivery was fast and the packaging was too good. It is cool when installed on CB1000R

Perhaps I think that CB 1100 is common to any year and grade, but RS compliance and Manufacturer says it was only here and YOSHIMURA.
I used this Manufacturer in my previous Motorcycle and I chose Etching factory because it was a good one.
Manufacturer Direct In Site and Amazon, Emblem's color was selective, but Wae Big was all Color genus.

Radiator core of CB1000R is Large type and FFender is short, so jumping up from Tire hits Moro Radiator core.
This Core guard has a sense of security since the Center part where the splashing hits well is a fine Mesh..
Since both SIDE are coarse meshes, there seems to be no disturbance of the cooling effect.
Although you can easily install it, those who are not confident as in the instruction manual are Shopetc. It would be nice to have it installed.
I think that it is an indispensable item for CB 1000 R.