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The size of the connector was different and trouble had to process wiring for a while.
However, a role of a stop-lamp is the highest very smartly.
Since a stop-lamp goes out half during blink about a blinker function, a recommend is seldom made.

It attaches and easy.
With no conspicuous mistake.
(Bounding night --)

It was used for the dress-up of a tank and a fender up.

Although other manufacturers' compact type was used until now, since measurement was dramatically difficult, it purchased due to the wheel design.
Working efficiency increased markedly by that the product and a hose are attached and a level bulb.
It is not necessary to measure, already being irritated.
They are the indispensable items at the time of going to a path through a wood these days.
A price is also cheap and it is recommended!

It is easy to escape from air when measuring.
A way may be bad.

BABYFACE Babyface : 005-Y0009BK
I bought Swingarm Stand Hook V Type and it came out as related products on the screen so I buy it at the same time, it does not clearly fit if it arrives. Size diameter etc. There is no display of none Size in image Do not know the feeling, do not display things that do not fit on the screen as related products.

Purchase to transfer CBR 1000 RR to Transporter.
Ladder rail for Motorcycle is usually about 20,000 yen to 30,000 yen,
As I bought it for about 15,000 yen, the quality such as strength is Large durable?
I thought that there was no problem at all. As expected Trust Ethos Design.

It is lighter than I thought, with a handle, it is convenient to carry.
However, because the load capacity is 230 kg,
It is necessary to check the weight of Motorcycle before purchase.

I received today. Open it and it is Big Li. Beginning with the contamination of the weld, it is full of scratches and further the welding Wire is left. Is this a failed work?. I will never buy Ethos products again. In this case Chinese ladder is better.