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EUROPE IMPORT GOODS menyediakan berbagai sparepart untuk mesin, spion, lampu sein, handle, kabel, bodywork dan lain-lain. EUROPE IMPORT GOODS cocok bagi yang ingin memperbaiki atau memodifikasi motornya dengan OEM parts.

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I attached this video with reference

DR650 Front Fender Brace / Support Installation

https : / / www. youtube. com / watch?v=s6Park4zFqA

Bolt & Nut of Front 3 point stopping was not included in this product.
Large type Home centeretc. It is good to prepare Rose-selling items at.

Because the position of the hole to be tightened with Fender was not aligned, it was extended with GoldFile.
The position of the hole is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is different considerably, so it should be prepared with additional processing as essential.

I was hoping that the vibration from the Engine would be reduced to the Large width,
Front Fender vibrates with this Fender support.
I think that it is a product to enjoy as an Attachment.

Although it may protect Front Fender in an accident like a head-on collision,
I have not tried that point.
We are looking forward to those who will verify.

It is an impression only of installation.
It seems that you can use without trouble except that it is not Foldable like OEM.
I think that there are parts that you do not understand until you actually run...

It is the same shape as the previous Mirror, but the texture is inferior.
I could adjust the position of Mirror, but it is not Foldable like OEM Product.
It is the impression that I just installed it.
Well, it is cheap and is not it just fine to divide?

For Rear, there is no orientation between Body and Bracket. Like Body to OEM (I think it's drained) There is a small hole. I will install it so that it is downwards, then the direction of Bracket (Loose R is above) Will be reversed. Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is reversed, it seems that the installation of Body and Bracket is wrong from the beginning (I bought it once before, but I also purchased this time, but it was also the opposite). Last time I tried Bracket as Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I replaced it and used it, there is a protrusion on Bracket, this is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I have decided (Do not enter if it is reversed to Body side) , Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) To replace with, replace the protrusion of the Bracket part with Cutteretc. It is necessary to cut it with. It is not impossible to use and the price is reasonable, so it can be said that it is a nice part.

Greedy, only Bracket parts can be purchased cheaply and best.

Fuel Cap of 35 years, Rubber became skinny and sealed down soon, so I decided to replace it ... I found this.

It was a mystery how to lock it, but it is convinced of seeing the actual thing.
? When you release the key, the outer and inner structures are integrated
? When locked, it turns round only on the outside
It is extremely simple, but in this case you can not open or close the Tank

Gasoline ceased to leak even when shaking the car body when mixing Oil in Tank while also holding a key. It's natural because it's new...

So it is almost perfect as a comprehensive evaluation. OEM's cheaper than Cap.

I installed it in the Front of STREET TRIPLE 85.
It is the same shape as OEM so it is ideal for replacement.
Connecting the power cord at the time of installation Because the shape of Connector was different, plug connector (Female) I installed it thinly. Also, since the Cover of the power cord was not thick enough to enter the hole of the Body, it was cut a little and it was thinned and installed.

AJPOEM Off-set Type Short lever does not break even if it falls down, operation is the best lightest.
Since around 2006 it has been corrupted to be cut so that the tip breaks when it falls (Although it was to be able to keep riding even if the tip broke, it was extremely easy to break and worse) ,
Afterwards various Lever came out at AfterMarketParts but there was nothing beyond AJPOEM and I bought it hurriedly at the time of AJP bankruptcy.

I found this Lever that looks exactly like AJPOEM that I can not obtain anymore, I tried purchasing it as a trial, but it seems that it is almost the same shape when I superimpose. With this price, I really appreciate it will be able to buy with confidence even now.

Since Plug is carried around so that it can be replaced immediately when Plug wears in TRIAL, purchase it for protection in Bag. It is rugged, so long as it closes properly, waterproof nature can be expected unless it is submerged. 13 / 16in. It is a bit tight to put in the plug of, but if it pushes it in, it enters but it is difficult to take out. Weight and size become slightly larger than paper packaging box of Plug, so it is better to keep packaging box as light weight & space saving priority.