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Well price. Saying that, cheesy. But it's OK! I do not want to show it, I will do it for not getting injured, right?
So, AllOK

There is a feeling of Fit, there is almost no cramped feeling.
Also, you will not get lost if you wear it under Jacket.
Still, there is considerable sense of security when wearing it.
On the other hand, if you do not wear it becomes uneasy.

It is slightly expensive, but I think that it is truly EVS.

I went and went on running.. The sense of stability of Helmet has improved dramatically.
It is stable enough to not hurt your neck even in case of falling by any chance.
From now on I will also make Must-have items when I run through the city.

Because it has cervical vertebral hernia, NeckProtector thinks that it is essential to become ReturnRider and it searches variously.

Because Jacket has Hood, shape (Backward direction) Know that it is limited, select this product.
(Jacket : ICON MERC DEPLOYED https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22897426 / )

Desorption is very easy, cold season Inner and Neck warmeretc. , If it wears properly, there is no puncture around the neck.

Quantity on the equipment situation : Pair (for Left and Right) It will be done, but my equipment (Jacket, Chest Armor) In case of contact with Helmet at all times, safety confirmation etc.. It is difficult to make it a bit difficult.
(Helmet : OGK KABUTO KAMUI-II https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 23326410 / )
However, considering the stability and protection of the neck, this does not become a Minus factor in my case.

Because the color is the same as Jacket, it may not be noticeable strange.

I think that overall good choice was made.

Although I think whether it may be light in Fit feeling, it is designed to be removable by Magic tape so that the position of the shoulder can be adjusted, if something is hit directly on this skin it is necessary to take some countermeasures.
Quality texture is handy and light. As for performance and function, I am fortunate that I do not know because I am not receiving Large shock impact, but I am concerned about choice.. As for Protection, it is the same as above, the Protector part of the back wants a longer length. Cost performance is probably wondering if it is from the price or something like this.

Compared with Neck brace, its performance and protection performance are large difference, but in normal forest road Touringetc. I think that it is compatible with sufficient protection performance and ease of moving head for use in. Of course, I think that it is unsuitable for Motocross competition, but it is safe to buy it cheaply in normal use.

"Before putting Gold on Motorcycle, put the gold to protect yourself!" What is also called a teacher when young (deceased) It was taught from. Since then I have been keeping the teachings for nearly 30 years and continuing on the Motorcycle.
Head - leg - hand - elbow - knee - Hip - shoulder - spine - Chest ...... If you think that it is already Large durable in this way, "Neck (cervical spine)" There remained. But if you want a million yen Air bag built-in Jacket I do not get a little help if I want it, I am too big for a town ride or a slight ride. In such a case, I remembered this for Off-Road and purchased it.
There is almost no discomfort when wearing, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There is not much trouble in checking. Above all, I am happy just being able to wrap around the neck at the time of a slight ride. "Mashi is better than you" Perhaps it is better than damaging the cervical spine and ending the rest without losing the Motorcycle.
I can not find a person using it on On road, but I recommend using it by all means.

This EVS Neck stabilizer is cooler than other companies' products, cool design is cool.

Courseetc. So, I think that it is recommended for those who started to rise a little bit.

Wearing is easy if you get used to it, you can install it even with a single Item, if there is concern about fixing Included Parts : Strap (Tasuki-like thing that wraps around the waist) You can fix it firmly to your body with.