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It was planned to be installed in the M109R, but it was not sent off, it was not accepted.
The reason for No. 1 is that the backward visibility is (As expected) To Hi speed Crew Jin is too narrow
Secondly, if the texture of Plating goes into the field of view simultaneously with other Plating parts
Balance is bad for sure.

However, there is something firmer than the price when attached, Parenthesis good
If it is Small Type car model "Yes" I think.

Used for SR 400. Axel side does not match, it was impossible to process Throttle considerably. What is conformity? It is better not to purchase!

Fixed to Grab Bar of SeatRearRight Side of SRV 250 with Tie Wrap, since the attached Belt can only be wrapped vertically, it is worn in Tie Wrap 2 steps. Whichever it is, it is impossible for the included Belt to be Firmly.
As a schedule if the Exhaust System of NORMALDual Silencer goes bad year by year I plan to change to Exhaust System of the collective type later and want to lower this to Leight Side and this to Right Side.
I put Dustcloth and a shipping hook and entered the water bottle with plenty of time, and when it got there a bit, it was ineffective in transformation.
It is the same as price, but this is enough for this. The synthetic leather is also a good guy who was polished, there is no luxury feeling, but there is also a thickness and it seems to last long.
Oh, Belt who closes the lid is not good looking and everything is troublesome of using Buckle so I'm driving Pin and putting it directly in the hole, there is no problem. Processing cost 160 yen

Looked fantastic on my maxam and worked perfectly. This wants me to have 100 characters but its a cheap part and it works so i don't feel i need to go in depth. Anyway, I would buy it again for another scooter.

I think that it is good for the price, it was measured speed. No error. I wonder if it can be attached to other Motorcycle. Design seems to fit any Motorcycle

I used Chain brush for the first time. Until now it was Waist tooth Brush. It is said to be so easy to clean.
I hope I can easily wash the brush afterwards.

Since Rubber is thin, it cracked off in a few months after installation.
I am sorry to have just looked good.
I will never purchase it anymore.

In the Wiring diagram EarthQuantity : There was 2 pc, but it is Line which either falls to Neutral.
Put in the Meter side NeutralLine from the body side Always Line, after passing through the Indicator, it falls into either Earth, so if you enter NeutralLine on the car body side Neutral will arrive.
Earth is wrong, you will not have to worry because the back light will only replace the Neutral lamp.

The LED of that Neutral lamp was distorted (Lol)