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In addition to the Swivel mechanism of Head in Compact, it is amazing that Handlebar can be rotated to THandlebar.
Switching of rotation is not a Lever expression so I need a little accustomed, but I think that it is also cheap and also good for in-car tools.
Is the durability just starting to use?

There was Cigar socket in SEROW, but in charging with smartphones etc., it can not be charged immediately after removing Cap, so input this. Waterproof Cap is hard, but waterproof function seems to be high accordingly.

USB power supply is now the focus, but I think that there are times when you use Cigar socket. You can convert Cigar socket to USB if you do not want to turn on USB power supply due to the problem of defeat. Although it is convenient, Waterproof on the side of Cigar socket seems to be difficult, so it may be better to remove it when it is raining.

I think that it is generally 800 yen for wire injector,
I could use it without any problem even here.
Oil from injection side can be used securely without leakage.

Ratchet Handlebar is very convenient with Compact.
Although it can not be used in high Torque, it is very good for an in-vehicle tool for emergency.
Because it can be stored as it is with Case, I think that Space should allow it.
Because I own SIGNET's Ratchet Micro driver together,
Even so Torque is necessary enough!

I felt like I saw an article with BALI in the insertion hole of oil level adjustment plate in other impressions, but there was no such trouble and it was enough for work. However, since the scale is difficult to read, I measured the Size on the scale and used it. Nevertheless there is no problem so it is enough.

The exhaust end stop plug fits very well and rigidly, this size (28-53 mm) is recommended for motorcycles or sports drums above 600 cm3. Good service when washing or winter storage. It does not allow the site to upload a 4 Mb picture, though it can be downloaded to 16 Mb as described.

The candle spanner is made of high quality material and is precision machined. It is practical because it has three spark plug keys in one, so it also has a small space in the tool bag. It does not allow the site to upload a 4 Mb picture, though it can be downloaded to 16 Mb as described.