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Visor EXTRA SHIELD memiliki lapisan khusus mirror coating yang dikembangkan dan digarap oleh ahlinya untuk visibilitas lebih baik saat berkendara. Kini, Anda bisa menikmati perjalanan dengan pandangan yang jelas.

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Ulasan Produk EXTRA SHIELD

Mirror peeled off in the rain. Although I had you replace it with a new one because it was a defective item, it also peeled Mirror with one small rain.
Too high for this quality.
I used the Mirror shield I used before for 8 years and attached the Wound, but I did not peel off even wiped roughly.

Helmet suffered until now all attached ExtraShield.
Also for SZ-RAM 4 this time [Color] Buy Smoke's Blue. It was waiting for two months, but inventory Quantity : 2pc. With Set
As it was, we did not hesitate to purchase immediately. Because the eye is astigmatism, a bit Red, Brown, or anything else
I like Blue because the scenery looks Happy Drill.
If you attach Mirror shield, ExtraShield is the best.

The purchased product is a semi-smoke gold mirror shield. However, week and night driving is impossible. It is very satisfying to use only during the day, and it is somewhat dark at night. The pin lock pin seems to be a little weak.

Fast shipping good products are really good. Next time I will buy again. I would also like to send you a good product fast at that time

Buy the first Mirror shield, Mellow SmokeBlue.
Although it is not attached to Helmet yet, it seems to be easy to see when peeping into it! I will feel like going to Touring as soon as possible. But, I forgot to buy Pin lock, so I have to order again.

Since the dirt such as insects adhered a little after the first use, when washed lightly as if stroking with running water, the coating peeled off in the area of ??about 500 yen cores, and only that part got lost Mirror.
As for use precautions, it is written that you wipe off the deposit with running water as it may wound it if wiping it in the state as it is, so wipe it according to the procedure.
With SKY's Mirror shield, there was no such thing as Coating peeled off even if it was used for 2 years with the same kind of care method.

Continue to use from CW - 1 for sub - species QWEST and about 30,000 km.

A story limited to Mellow SmokeRed, Mellow SmokeGold, Smoked Blue that I have used although I can choose abundantly the density and Color of Smoke.

- Ability to hide the face
* The thinest Mellow SmokeGold, Red of Smoke, Red is perceptible if you are watching, the ability to hide ummmakers is excellent. You can see it when you are closely watching. Please see images Image 1 and 2.
* Smoked blue is wandering.

- Running at night, Tunnel
* Mellow SmokeRed only Night running. Even if I ran through the dark road around the Camping site with the LED Headlight equipped car, I could see so much, so I can run without raising Shield at night.
* I think that none of the 3 types of Tunnel was worrisome.

- Protection performance
* Large 2 times that suffered a shock impact. The first time I was wiping things that had spoiled a fair sound and debris, due to assault of death by insects, there were no scars left. Second time something flew at the entrance of Tunnel. Although a pretty sound sounded, Shield was not scratched even at this time, and the defense performance seemed high.
* Small Traces remained when I got rushed with CROSS with attached stones.

- Differences by color
*Mellow SmokeRed : Ikumen who has longest favorite, hides his face with colors close to the naked eye. The disadvantage is personal thing that Helmet is based on Blue.

*Mellow SmokeGold : The view is dyed somewhat Blue than Red, and the field of view looks like Yellow when raising Shield. Unlike Red I felt a sense of incompatibility at the beginning of use.

*Smoked blue : Contrary to Gold the entire field of view looks Yellow. Things that I could not accept by all means that the color of the sky and clouds will be lost by SEPIA. We also had to raise the Shield to confirm changes with time and gray of rain clouds. I feel that the ability to hide my face was also low.
* Please see the image of how to see only Red and Gold, so we prepared it.

Although this product is said to be Shield's own story, many of SHOEI's full face helmet adopt CWR-1 and easy to detach. Durability is also probably unless you do something strange, so you might be able to use it. It certainly seems that the new RYD was also.

Overall there are no defects like disadvantages, the price will be several steps above OEMShield, but it is worth paying.

Purchase because it can also be attached to the X - 14. There is nothing to worry about because it is OEMBase for fluffy. It is how long it will come off in the future, but it is not so expensive, so it is recommended.