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I feel that quality is good for price.
Because it is not compliant with vehicle inspection due to mirror area and other conditions, it is necessary to use it after being conscious.
That's because it's Small, so I like it myself...
There is little wonder and shake of the mirror surface due to vibration in the high rotation range.
Hexagonal Wrench is necessary for angle adjustment, so it will not be a bit of a fix with signal wait.
If you are not sure what to make it as a bar end mirror I think that it is easy to try in terms of price.

ปั๊มเบรค rin part วัสดุอุปกรณ์สวยงาม ดีเยี่ยม สีเงางาม แบรนด์นี้งานสวยราคาไม่แพง คุณภาพเกินราคา โอกาสหน้าจะใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์ของแบรนด์นี้อีก

fantastic quality easy to install are very visible even in bright sunlight despite the dark tint and just make the bike look so much cooler

This Manufacturer is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) And the amount of DamperOil is different
As soon as I saw leaks Oil or Net
As of now Large is durable (^^)

Although it is processing to Rose to lowdown, there are also processing, but in order to make Front row down easily
I think that it is optimal also like Cost.
I do not have any other options ~

I am satisfied with Cost performance ♪
There are similar products, but the price is also cheap and satisfied with the texture ☆
M6 installation With Bolt, I think that it fits most models

Mounting as underMirror on nc 36.
Purchased for use as UnderMirror.
Quantity Ball in : Pair (for Left and Right) If you replace it, you can use it enough as UnderMirror.
Plating is also cool enough Dress-up is enough enough.
However, since Mirror itself is also small, visibility is not so good.
It was a satisfactory item even if I deducted that point.

This is a picture of the product on my bike, you can see that the screws add more dimension to the appeal of the bike. Do not worry about fitment- it works perfect- no different than OEM. Great price too! I wish more parts were this color!

Another fantastic part that I ordered. Do not worry about fitting the OEM exhaust, it does this well. No problems and very easy to install. Carbon fiber look alike gets many looks! It also does the job of protecting my leg from any contact with heat- handsome looking and useful. I do like adding practical parts to my ride and this is one of them.