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As the performance required for Bike Cover this time.
- Weatherability
- Moisture permeability
- Heat-resisting (So ??that you can apply Cover soon)

The fabric is overwhelmingly thicker than the Nelson Rig Cover that I used before, the protection performance seems to be high. We have not used it yet, so weather resistance, moisture permeability and durability are unknown.
- What I liked
Cover inside does not go up to brushed Material, but it is so soft that it will not scratch it.
Mirror cover attached.
- Points I felt at the beginning of use
Thermal insulation Seat (About 35 cm × 49 cm) Quantity : 1pc. However, if anything, sew it from the beginning or use heat resistant Material etc. Was not it good.
Because it is an expensive item with a fixed price of 30,000 yen.

rain - dust - Moisture etc. I think that Bike Cover can be expected in terms of protecting your car cleanly from. We also expect durability.

We are using Blue Sky parking, covering HORNET 250. In terms of Size this is the best to have a little margin.

Previously I was using Yamaha's Cover. I bought this product because it started to get rainy in about half a year and I am currently using it for 9 months.

Due to the special cloth Material, the durability is high and there are almost no tears or elongation except for some rubbing scratches up to the present.
Although it is water resistant, Large Small droplets were adhering to Seat the next day after the rain fell. (It may be that moisture came up from under since it is outdoors) It is not wet at regular rain level.

If there is a bad point compared with the previous Cover, it comes from the thickness of the thickness as well "Difficult to cover" When "Low portability" Is not it?. Clearly it is not suitable for carrying.

The price is quite expensive, but you can recommend it to those who want to keep your car clean in outdoor storage.

LL is Just fit for RG 400 Γ of Full cowl.
Because the fabric is solid, there are few flaps with wind. Because there is a gust of recent years, Risk of the fall caused by the battle with Body Cover has decreased.

I also like waterproof performance in double-stitched. It is perfect for my bike xsr900. It is a little unfortunate that the fixed straps are not buckle type. The price seems to be a bit expensive, but it will show good durability.

I made this whole Bike Cover for all my Motorcycle.
Places where direct sunlight hit will fade away somewhat, but it is the strongest ever.
There is also a sense of security against flaming fire.

This Cover is a moisture permeable Waterproof, the protection effect of Motorcycle is high.
Exhaust System section insulation Seat and Mirror protection Cover are included.
If this becomes useless, I will purchase the same one again.

Although it will be used in outdoor sunlight in a bad environment,
The thing of Yamaha which I used to date was rain leakage from the seam as soon as I bought it, and furthermore the color of the fabric changed color to Tank, so I was dissatisfied..
As a result of changing to here, the fabric has flexibility and you can feel comfortable to wear well. For now it does not leak out, it is comfortable to use.
I am worried about the durability because of the harsh conditions, but I like the performance I was expecting for the moment so far.

【What made you decide the purchase?】

For Scooter's "Pre-Basket combined with draft shield" Purchasing decision by thing.

【How was it actually used?】

I tried covering the car attached to Yamaha AXIS 90 with Basket and windshield installed, but the front wheels are visible as shown in the picture w

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】

It is not difficult to cover Cover on the car body, but it is hard to use something that Belt buckle for Cover fixing is on the car body Right Side.

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】

Cover the Cover from the windshield part, just carefully lower Cover's hem down.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]

"Pre-Basket combined with draft shield" Even though you can not cover the front wheel tightly. The installation position of Belt buckle is on the car body Right Side. Since the attachment position of the Belt buckle is at the middle point of the height of Cover, the skirt of Cover rolls up only in Right Side with strong wind. (Because Left Side has Belt sewn on the hem part, it can not be turned by wind)

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

I want Belt buckle to be attached to the body Left Side or to be attached to Both Sides. It and the attachment position of Belt buckle are not the midpoint, the hem of Cover (Lower person) I want you to attach it to. Otherwise the lower half of CoverRight Side will flutter in the wind.

【Have you compared items?】

Only the thing of this Manufacturer was able to be found for the flameproof Cover which can cover the Scooter with the front Basket and the draft shield.