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DUCATI: Equip a street fighter.
AELLA: Although it changed using the handle clamp spacer and the HARDY:road bar INTERMIDIATE is attached, L twin engine and vibration are immense truly.
It introduces in order to reduce this.
Since front SUZUKI GSR400 ABS was also used and the effect was known, it chose this time also.
Handlebar end Long of this and the company and oscillating mitigation remarkable by using a handle brace together are possible.
It becomes to such an extent that the vehicle type of Kuruma in behind can be checked.

The handle for mini bikes has many which have width [ narrow surely ],

It is used for Ninja250R.
After exchanging for the PENSKE handle, it is the first handlebar end.
Attachment is easy and it is fixed by inserting goods from Bar's end and tightening the bolt of a head.
It is made to hear about refinement into simplicity by very beautiful result.
The color variations which can be chosen is glad.
Having managed the keeper of the end of the handlebars my motorcycle as bar end for a long time, the last moment presented the body and protected the handle.
A photograph is bar end (smile) the surface has been shaved [ bar end ] with asphalt.

Attached to kawasaki w 800
I liked the OEM Shape very much, but in order to install the Bar end mirror
I exchanged Handlebar

So, I was looking for Handlebar as close to OEM Shape as possible
I found this Handlebar.

The result is very similar to OEM Shape
Very high texture

These two points were very high points

It is a satisfactory product.

I have never used OEM Handlebar, so I can not say exactly, but maybe OEM may be Handlebar Up Type ...
Cable classes can be installed with OEMCable
Those who install themselves are okay, but those who are going to be installed at a single car purchase store should remove Handlebar and replace them, so it is better to check if there is no Wound before installation
In my case, Blinker switch was missing, Wank was in Tank ...
Even though it's a new car ...
Barbless is attached
I think that you can change the color as you like

It is a change from OEM.
I purchased Medium.
The textured texture is glossy and perfect for Dress-up. Brace also follows, and I think that Cospa is the strongest because it is not cheap.
However, the aperture is larger than the OEM, it is difficult to adjust the height. Motorcycle with Cowl has interference with Master Cylinder and I think that it will be aligned at Pinpoint. Without Cowl, will it be adjustment whether the bar is going away or extremely close?.
We recommend to Position who wants to sleep moderately in Race ish from OEM.

The flat part of Both Sides is a little short, and the switches can not fit completely.
It hangs on R and it becomes Slant.

SEA BASS cars are often Honda ratio and Grip is long,
It might be better to be a little careful. I want you to put a flat part on the dimensional table like other companies.

It purchased for power up of NSF100.
The limiter of the kind of a stress was lost, ignition timing could also be chosen from four patterns, and the width of setting spread.
Although a price is there [ there ], I think that they are goods which buy it and do not have loss!