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Fehling adalah manufaktur asal Jerman yang menyediakan aksesoris motor dengan desain spesial. Stang, pelindung dan bracket box Fehling dilapisi bahan krom yang mengkilau atau dilapisi dengan teknik powder-coating.

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Rear grille that is suitable for w800, fit, strong, beautiful, easy to install. Suitable for long-distance travel, tourism and urban use.

Sense of incongruity does not have a design in the flow of a car body, and the quantity to which a gap does not have attachment, either and a direct this barrel wind hits a helmet with involvement in the belly of the fit style exactly from an old product decreases sharply.

I am sorry.
In play [ today's ] is not RF600 900 but a double bubble of a hayabusa. It is in play [ of smoke ].
I am sorry to have made trouble.

Accuracy was too poor to install. Thickness and shape, hole position is great Large. I thought that it was because another car model was delivered.

After installation
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Mirror place near the installation part
2 - 3 cm Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Crack entered together.
Is there some misalignment mistake or is there durability of the product itself?
I expect that Crack will not become Large in the future.
The worst is repaired with FRP.

zzr1400Bar handleSpec. It is attached to.
First of all it's Cool.
Dark smoke tightens Face.
I think that it is good as a rectification effect.
However, if you talk about Separate handle.
Bar handleSpec. It's good for you to hang on your shoulder and above for yourself w
I had a hard time peeling off the sticker pasted from the original. The pasted Sticker is cheap and dirty on PaperBase.

Adjustment is necessary with the round bar file because the holes are misaligned at the time of installation. Due to the difference in the overall Size, Beauty does not fit, so it sounds squealing at Idling, when traveling 60 km / When it is h or more it is a weakness of the structure and a burning sound is generated by the turbulence of another car from the weakness of the structure. I feel comfortable running with solo. Large Little bite The wind does not hit the body and comfort is easy.
It would be good to mount the anti-vibration Rubber on the mounting part and the outer edge of Screen, but it is quite necessary to process it.

We are wearing MT-09 Tracer. Height is 171 cm and is a standard physique.
Helmet will impress with SHOEI HORNETADV and JForce 4.
In the screen of OEM, the wind received by Screen per Dec Decoration of Helmet all hits
It was such a sound that I could not hear the sound of Income. Purchase expecting improvement.

- Since installing Screw 4 books are removed and this product is only attached, there is no problem at all, precision is also good.
- There is no quality problem.
- It does not differ from OEM of the flow effect. Even if it is on top, the wind hits Decoration after all. As long as you get out of it, you can see that the shape of the wind extends through the whole, but since it does not put out so much first, it is ☆ 1.
A part of the face (Decoration) Because the wind hits only to the town, it will be hard to get tired at Touring.
- It is ☆ 1 because shape rectification effect was not good.
- Cospa Screen Why is the price like this.