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The included Bolt was easily torn off during tightening.
Let's pay attention to Torque at tightening.
Other than that I think that it is an excellent product for Cost performance.

CBR250RR (MC22) I bought it for STREETFIGHTER of.

I think that it is the same as the thing of handling in a specialty shop.
(There is no confirmation .... )

When used with the included Valve, the number of W is too high, so we introduced LED Bulb at the same time.
, Lens cut & LED Bulb (Tip Orientation) There was also compatibility with the distribution, the light distribution was not determined (No Д`)

I had to replace it with 35 WValve and used it, but for the time being it was a brightness that I would not be having trouble at night (Lol)

It is recommended for introduction to STREETFIGHTER.

Quantity with different colors : I bought 2pc.
Although it is with Pull back 165 mm, it is only about 100 mm even if you measure it.
It is disappointing because of the difference between Large and I was planning.
I do not know which country's production as goods, but I use it in other Motorcycle "Renthal" "Risma" "ABM" There is nothing to compare with.
Speaking of Taper, it is invisible to Taper.
Material is also not specified.

Well, let's use it as a cheap piece.
If you want to have a chance, it's okay to put it 4 to 5 times.
"Because there is cheap there is a translation" - - - - I said well.

Bar End Since it felt that the insertion portion was Rubber little by little, I took a drastic change.
I think that it is good for the price.
I was able to install firmly.
As a precaution, the Screw accuracy of the Nut part was bad and could not be installed by idling even if it was tightened.
Tap cut it and it was safe to install it.

I am using it for cb 400sf nc 39!
I exchanged it from the OEM, but it was easy to exchange. It is good for the price. I am satisfied..

I also exchanged this as Tail was made Smoke
Although it was not in the explanation, Amber 's Valve was also attached
However, both are double valves ...
Font Blinker is Double Bulb and it can be used because it becomes Position with Key ON ...
Rear is a poor position and angle in the mouth Gold Poses are different, so you can not use it as it is
For the time being, if it feels like Pin 1 pc. Once you scrape or drop it with Nipper, you can use it once.
Double Bulb has 2 contacts of Valve, but the TailBlinker part has only one point of contact, so if it is in contact it will light up when Blinker ...

However, because there is no Pin in one side, it can be said that it swings immediately with the vibration, so if you use Valve, you can get Valve's Home Center and AutoBacks around for Rear to get Amber's Single Bulb I think it's better to keep it.

In my case I replaced both LED Bulb back and forth

Although it is a point of caution at the time of installation, it is a feeling to tighten with a Tapping screw like Tail and dig into a thread, so once it is tightened, once it is tightened, it is sure that you take off the tuna and tighten it again
Since Crack enters or it is broken as you keep tightening up to the end as it is ...

This also has four holes Gap and Woundetc. There was not too good condition.
I am worried about that point if it is overseas cheap, but for GPZ it's a lot so there are few Rose stuffs so I guess ... (Lol)

Although I do not know whether it will be a reference because it is exchanged for LED Bulb, it was also that this time when Position also in the daytime, the brightness at the time of lighting is necessary and enough, the vehicle inspection will be cool

It is good because the price is also cheap and the atmosphere changes at a stretch
Recommendation for exchange with Tail lens

The motive for purchasing was because the color of the car was Black, and simple. I was thinking that there are some BALI cheapest, but it was very good without strange gaps and BALI. Masui Takeshi Made in Taiwan.
As Valve is not attached as per item description so please be careful.
I think unexpectedly like a dense Smoke. I think I will put an image of comparison of brightness with OEMLens with Orange bulb attached.

Cospa is good. But it seems to be suitable for Rubber inserted in Handlebar, but there is no Instruction Manual. It was a failure in this way of attachment thought that this shape would be this one. I started running out while running at high speed. I fixed it with ServiceArea. I replaced it with the Rubber of the Bar End I used before and I am using it now.