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Because it is thin, Fit feeling and workability are very comfortable. However, when dealing with kerosene or Parts cleaner, it is often the case that holes are opened when you notice it, so in the case of working with them or working for a long time it seems better to use a slightly thicker product

I was using it in a parking without a roof, but when I removed Cover after rain, both the Motorcycle and the inside of the Cover were always in a condition wet.
Looking at the wetting way of Motorcycle, it seems that the whole is covered with moisture condensation rather than rain infiltrated,
When riding the next day of rain, we start with wiping up condensation on the car body.
Ventilation holes around the position of Handlebar do not work at all.
In the vicinity where the Exhaust System hits, the inside seems to be a heat-resistant material, but it began to be torn in about a year.
With this performance, durability, this price is too high.
quality - The three-dimensional star of texture is an evaluation of only the solid inner nonwoven fabric that covers the Upper Cowl from Screen.

I will tell you the feeling of use outdoors without a roof.
We are calling for less invasion of rainwater and I did not expect it until Completely Waterproof.
However, since it is a two-layer structure of outer material and lining, soaked rainwater enters between the layers, eventually the Motorcycle also gets wet to the bisho-basho.
In addition, the rainwater that enters does not dry easily because it does not touch the outside air or sunlight between the fabric and the fabric.
With this price at nearly 30,000 yen price, I regret very much that I purchased it.
With this, Che Che Co Cover was enough.
Those who think to use outdoors without a roof, I think that it is better not to be bought absolutely.
As I just started using it, I will review additional durability at a later date.

This seat cover is one large vent as far as seat covers go. I am lucky I live in the hot desert so this seat cover will provide the greatest amount of ventilation that could be possible. The seat cover has traction when trying to slide around that it holds me in place. I do think this seat cover might have too much ventilation for cold winter rides but will be very effective on the warmer rides. The looks of the seat cover is one that reflects newer technology and innovation. The seat cover looks 3d and appears to hold its shape very well and in provides additional cushion because of the build. I am sure my friends will want one.

I just started using it,
Since the string to be turned down under Seat is heat resistant,
It does not melt even if you hit the Exhaust System and it is good.
Because it is thick, it is troublesome for storage place when removed
There are no particular elements to be particularly interested in Large.

It is convenient to have. My hands will not get dirty. Blue color is easy to understand.
As expected, durability may break, but I think that it is not rough.
I think I want to buy it when I run out of it.

The model is 45 LBox of GIVI on Forasight, Rear.

It is made only on the premise of Bixk's RearBOX equipped car, and it can cover up to Rear tire.
Especially Cover of ExactlySize is really user-friendly even with LearBOX increasing in car height.
The fabric is also quite thick and solid compared to the thin Le Pera's thing.

I split from the part that touches the upper edge of Windshield using two years.
I think that it was cruel to Cover here because pressure is added in particular here.
However, it plays a role of protection enough, and it is worth more than the price.

- Handles in Cover are also easy to use. (It got tired after one year deteriorated)
- Rope that binds Rear is also easy to use.
- On the lower side are Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There is also a Buckle of consolidation, but there is not even a thing turning over with a strong wind.
- Since the lock hole of Front is yellow color and Rear is black, it is easy to understand before and after hitting Cover.

The only Minus point is doing brushed back etc.,
Scattering fine scratches when fluttering with strong wind.
I am protecting it by covering the T-Shirt we used for Screen.

After all, while doing Body Cover, the radiance of the car is completely different.

It is simple but user-friendly goods.

I made Small Type Disk Lock for use at the destination.
It is profitable if the probability of theft falls at about \ 2000.
At first it did not get stuck in the Brake disc, and when looking closely it was narrowing the gap with BALI. I scraped it with File and installed it.
Key coverCap is floating somewhat but this price is okay.