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Since height is 186 cm tall and the sitting height is high, when it is NORMAL 's screen, it is from the upper chest to the neck
As wind became interested, consider installing Long Screen.
Donwtown 125i has almost no Aftermarket parts, but in that
Select this product that Cost performance looks good.
The mounting itself of this product such as screw hole position was not a problem.
(Struggling to remove and install Screen in areas not related to this product... )
The windbreak effect is outstanding and the upper is on the top of Helmet and the upper body does not feel the wind.
Also as a Knuckle guard it is excellent and the wind just flows around the tip of Handlebar
There is almost no wind in my hands.
Warm Gloves alone can handle winter as it is.
However, at my sitting height, the top edge of Screen is in sight, so the visibility has become subtle...
I wonder if I will get used to it..

MT-09 (2014) It attached to. Installation is easy without difficulty.
Low Handlebar (ClipOn of Woodcraft) I think there are also thanks to what I changed to, but I think that it functions as a wind moderator so much. With NORMAL's Handlebar, the wind blowing effect will diminish as the body is awake.
The color was good at Matte Black. It looks better than the transparent type.
Although it is not to say that it is a difficult point, attaching / removing this key will make the locking / unlocking of the key even worse. The original key position is bad, is not MT - 09.

Somewhat, thanks to Design which is more upright than NORMAL, I think there is a rectification effect as though it is a compact shape.
I (High sitting height, haha) When getting on a regular Position, the wind hits the part of the forehead of Helmet exactly. If you lower your head a bit from there, the wind pressure is coming out while pinching the head of Helmet.
There are not so many NCRiders with this product attached, so I like that neighborhood.

It is cheaper than the OEM, the whole length is long, the width is wide and I chose it.
Although it is comprehensively satisfied including the windshield effect, it is occasionally a case that Bolt for fixing upper and lower slides loosens (Lol)
Although this may not be of necessity, it is somewhat noisy as the engine sound reflects on the screen because of the shape and the large size.

? attachment ? accuracy
The installation Screw could not be installed short.
Separately, I purchased 40 mm Screw and installed it.

? quality ? Texture
As mentioned above, the product quality is Minus.
Is Scuba stopped Rubber a little too bad?

? Rectification effect
As you can see there is no rectification effect.
Design priority.
We are conscious buying, but as a value it is a star 1

? shape
It is as expected.

? Cost performance
Since I bought it with OutletSale, Cospa is satisfied.
With standard price, "By all means this design" Other than that,
I think Cospa is bad.

Sale was purchased because it was a product
Since it is a product of overseas, expectation was not made so much but packing was polite and impressed than I thought.
I was interested in other products, but I like Matte Black and like it.

I thought it was an iron plate, but it was a pla!
Result It is better if the plaque is lighter and the scratch is not noticeable!

The installation was very easy. Gapetc of the hole. Nor.
My face looks pretty bad.

The effect does not get hit by the wind, but the pain of the wind pressure at the time of high speed driving has been alleviated.
Perhaps it is felt that the effect is felt when there is speed.

I feel the shape is Large more than the picture of the product.
In my case I did not expect the rectification effect and I should have hid the ETC Antennas,
Wonder if the vertical was short even a little more ? ? ?

Use of ETC, no problem.

I hope it will be a little cheaper ? ? ?

"Can be recommended" I am doing this, but this is Size,
I think that it can be decided according to the appearance preference.

I was attaching GIVI's Long Screen to 125 cc Scooter I was riding all the time.
This time I changed to FORZASi and I was surprised by the sound of Wind Cutting.
OEM's Long Screen is not high enough and I think that it is almost useless.
This Fabri Screen has almost completely eliminated the Wind Cutting sound, it is wonderful.

For details see fC 2 Know-how, "How to eliminate Helmet's Wind Cutting sound" I am writing an article saying.