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This Motorcycle had followed small Wright of the Bates type since purchase. Although it had pretended American one of the English vehicle by the Up Handle and the Bates light, when I had you measure by the Tester store before w and this automobile inspection, it considered and purchased in anyhow large Wright by the thing with deficiency of light quantity. Although large Wright thought ill-shaped kana with a prejudice, it has attached comfortable. of course -- the quantity of light -- a cinch -- difficulty -- there is nothing -- an automobile inspection -- one-shot OK! It is gratitude at true reliability.
However, since the Screw for attachment was not attached, attached with the ordinary Bolt nut, but. Since the way of attaching which can probably adjust an angle with an original manufacturer's product was ?
government-operated auto inspection if it was made, it was quite troublesome to have loosened and carried out optical axis adjustment of the Screw by the Tester store, and only it was a Minus Point. It is w although what is necessary will be just to probably adopt the appropriate way of attaching well.

It attached to SR400.
A case is processing required although 180 phi is the same size as pure.
Moreover, color is [ attachment ] needed separately between stay.
Attachment considers that it is better to leave it to a pro with knowledge, such as SR specialty store.
I asked you for processing and attachment.
Although origin was exchange from a bates light, the optic angle became very large and visibility raised the lens wonderfully also on the mountain path at night.
It seems that it was it worried whether it can be equal to vibration of SR as the case was a plastic, but it is OK for the moment.
Also including a case, texture is dramatically good and the stamp of CIBIE of the lens upper part fulfills possessiveness.
A photograph is a black case.
Since it is well attached to a demonstration car with the magazine of SR, is a specialty store consulted with on attachment if worrisome?

Luminous intensity distribution are good and can exchange easily.
It was the structure which is enough also as for the measure against an automobile inspection, and can feel easy about it.

Since it is a curve type, it has in the low motorcycle of a higher vehicle, and is deep.
It is just going to say that having thought that it was uncannier than it cannot slide on power being applied easily downward easily.
A ladder might be unable to be pushed and put, when it was a straight-line type ladder, vigor was attached and put and it failed.
There is almost no curve.