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FORCE DESIGN memproduksi fairing, spakbor, dan bodywork yang tahan lama untuk HONDA CB400SF, CB1300SF, CB1100, dan lain-lain.

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The suspension disturbs from Both Sides and it is hard to see, but Slit has it, it has a slit, and it is a cool type and it is cool.
As for installation, Brake hose side can be adjusted with a long hole, so it can be adjusted to Center.
Instruction Manual Instead, you can install it.

I used OEM and certain Manufacturer things, but construction and accuracy are preeminently nice without complaint.
Base and Screen are separated, appearance is also different from people, Screen Body is pretty firm, transparency is also complaint. Also, although I think it can be said to any Screen, I also dislike Edge's fingers and I also attached the MRA's Windscreen Mole as a protection for the Screen itself. Because it is 80 mm long compared with OEM, I think that the windshield effect also rises somewhat. I think that it would be nice if the price is a bit cheaper, but I think that it is a product that you buy and no loss.

Various Core guards have appeared, but as I saw it, I had never seen a vehicle that was wearing much, so I picked it this time.
I was impressed with texture, construction and firm instructions Instruction Manual was carefully written.
Although it was Carbon, there were two types of plain weave and twill weave, but this time we chose twill weave.

Also, I tried to make the character of Core guard Body Black so as not to damage Image,
It is satisfying Large with feeling tightened.

However, I think that it is okay if the price is a little expensive so I wish a little more cheap, but I think that I am convinced myself as a whole because it is good.

Because the texture of Carbon is also good, you can recommend it.

It is a disk lock with an alarm function.
Since there is a rumor a thief is sensitive to sound, it purchases as an alarm as a lock.
In the same form, there is what has a raw material without that as right as the thing of all stainless steel.
Since the price was different only about 1000 yen, the all stainless steel which is strong to rust and has reinforcement was chosen.
If a changing battery is not practiced several times, an alarm will resound in a house (smile).

I had ordered this Force Design Bikini-Cowl with Endurance screen for my husband. It took a while to receive the goods (had some weeks extra delay) but 'Webike' kept us perfectly up to date on this order. Really good service & information, thank you! About the product: high quality made cowl with a really nice lacquer finish that fits our bike perfectly! Looks very nice on the bike, one would think it's an original part. Just be aware for your country's extra custom/import taxes! Conclusion: Top quality ain't cheap but your money is better spend instead of wasting it on cheap imitations! Thanks again, Webike!

Just replacing OEM's crappy Cover makes it a tight impression.

Both accuracy and coloring were good and installation was easy.

It seems to be a handmade item of Production to order, its product accuracy is exactly impressive.
It is quite expensive, but I am satisfied with Large because it is important to look.
The painting of Black is also high quality and it is a perfect score of something.

It is the few 2015 MODEL's Dress-up parts. The price is expensive a little, Quality is no problem.
Mounting holes etc.. There is no Gap, it can be installed exactly. I think that there are also those who stick Carbon Seat, but texture - I think that accuracy is excellent as well. If the price is a bit cheaper, both COSPA and ☆ 5. I think that it is a very good product as a fashion of One point