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Because HYOD's Mesh jacket's Spine Pad was uneasy with a feeling like a thin Sponge, I replaced it with this product.

I bought it with confidence because it was perfect for HYOD's Jacket at the other review.
In fact, Size was perfect.

There is a sense of security that seems to protect firmly because it is quadruple structure and its thickness is quite large.

It will be a little heavy, but I guess if I think about safety.

I would like to drive safely so that I do not become aware of the effect.

Large If you want to protect the thigh bone or the side of your waist
Even if you hit the part of the thigh bone, there was almost no pain due to the impact coming..
Just because the thickness of Protector is considerably bigger than I thought, I usually wear this jeans + wearing this is panpann
One size Large If you do not wear a jeans in front of you, it is difficult to say that it is too tight to go forward.
Winter is good, but perhaps it will be a wonderful heat in the summer

As SoftMaterial's Inner Tube type Protector,
It flexibly follows the bending and stretching of the arm.
Protection performance made by Force field that is reliable. It is safe..

However, if you attempt to operate this ProtectorBody by putting it in another elbow pocket,
It is heavy on the side that it sticks to the outside, it will be without a good place.
(Weight of this product Protector Body was 105 g. Incidentally Kominesk - 635 75 g)
For the operation to put in the elbow Pocket of Raijake, the Hard protector is lighter
Followability is on.
The advantage of the Inner type is that it is also hard to get Gap and Soft protector can also bend and stretch
I think that it is flexible to show followability.

The difficulty is that the upper Velcro is blunt and weak even if it is placed in the most tightening position.
(If it is said that the arm is poor, it is until then ...)
If you tighten up and down Belt in the middle to CROSS it will be tightened well.

Because it is an Inner type, Protector does not move and it is reliable as it is absolutely absolutely.

Knee Protector part is the usual Nito Rex Material of Force field.
With synergy with being an Inner type, you can bend and stretch while firmly fitting to the knee shape.

Pad other than the knees overlay three materials like Urethane on top of each other
Structure to secure strength (CELevel 1) It seems to be doing.
It seems to be lightly adhered at the center part of Urethane, so I think that you can peel off 1 and 2 if you get in the way. (I do not recommend it)

The Pad part of the cocum is also Soft Material so it is as soft as it is, even if you sit in the chair it is not so strange.

As a problem, Pad of Large thigh and Knee Protector interfere when taking off Toilet 【Large】 Large struggles with.
Since each Protector is removable, it is also a hand to remove it with self-responsibility.

Also, midsummer is really hot www
I gave up in 5 seconds wearing at room temperature 32 degrees.
(It can not be said that it is a deduction because it can be said that the warm thing is turned inside out in winter)

Made by Force field of trust, it is also a Level 2 product so there is no sense of security.
So Soft protector will follow you firmly even if you bend your body

I will make the price as it is, but if you hit a balance with an injury like a spinal cord injury that will be regrettable,
I think that it is rather cheap.

It is a point that everyone will take a second step to introduce the breathability of the back is gone,
Actually, this problem can be solved by putting in Mesh inner such as KomineJK - 084.

* When inserting into Jacket.
It is possible to round it rather than folding ... ... but it is quite thick and reasonable
Rubber (?) So, please be aware of Small Jacket in the insertion slot.
Jacket with a width of 50 mm for testing Jacket Size 001 (Width 285 mm high 385 mm) I put it in
I entered Limit, but it is quite tiring even with a male hand when this is around.
Nevertheless, the narrowness of the insertion slot is a complaint to Jacket's side www

I used Chest Protector for a long time, but I was concerned about the protection range and bought this product.

This Chest Protector not only protects the entire chest but also Protector function from the side flanks to the ribs on the back side which are not found in other Protector and it was an ideal Protector that I thought, so I am satisfied with Large.

Also, I noticed that there was also a windshield effect during driving. The owned Motorcycle is Naked type, but the running wind received by the upper body is also drastically reduced, making it more comfortable than before.

Originally I was wearing other Manufacturer 's Inner type Protection jacket, but although the CE Standard was the one that the protection range of Back Protector was covered only about 60% of the back, I felt uneasy about safety, I bought it.

When I actually wear this product, I am protected entirely by the thick Protector from the back to the caudad and there is absolutely a big sense of security and I am satisfied with Large.

In addition, this Back Protector is an initiative stating that there is shock absorption performance of world top class. Besides, the concrete numerical value of performance has been announced, and from that point you can also buy a sense of security.

I am 176 cm tall and 67 kg tall but because the sitting height measured in my school days is about the same as my friend at the height of 180 cm in height, I bought M Size, it was Just fit.

There is only a thing with a high price, the making does not compare with Protector of about 10,000 yen.

All Protector Pads are removable, but Slit to be used for removal is made quite solidly and already taken out for washing 4 to 5 times, but there is no easy way to break the seams at the moment.

It is PantsStyle which has thighs, but at the hem it is Material : As Silicon's slip is attached, it will not be gapped. Very comfortable.

As for the use of summer I am concerned about steaming, but if I devise what to put on the bottom it will be somehow Level. Thanks to the small division of Pad, it did not become a state that it can not be helped, it can not be helped.