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Purchased this spring in the spring, it will be a finding of trying to wear it for about half a year or so.

Design is not too flashy, I think how easy it is to match any wear.
Making the resin part is very cheap, especially the toe ....

Usually 26. It is 0 cm, but I did not understand Size feeling 26. I tried to make it 5 cm.
The feet are just right feeling.
However, my calf was thick and my ankle Band stretched out full of eyes.
Somewhat tightening feeling, may be Fit reverse.

I feel that the ankle Grip is tremendously easy to do, and it comes in a category with a high Waterproof nature.
It is as good as walking on the soil as the sole of the shoe.

There is only one difficulty.

It is that when you are walking down a lot of branches or a steep galley place, Buckle near the toe is caught and it easily falls off.

It is annoying as it will be dismissed quite frequently!

However, it is comparatively easy to move the ankle easily and even if it becomes muddy, it becomes nearly almost beautiful by washing with water, so we can recommend it with confidence if it is not comprehensive other than Course!

OX Fox : FLEX AIR PANTS ROYL [FLEXAirPants Royal] Because the base color was very similar to the purchase. Mesh Department It is the best for me who is sweating a lot.

Buy Size Size M. Height 169. 5 Weight 70. 5 Chest circumference 102 50s a little bit Small. Is it OK if the current youth system? Color is almost the same as Pants!

I mainly use it at TRIAL. Pricants dedicated to TRIAL are sticking out Protent such as Knee Shin guard is hard to do ~, buying as wanting to use also for forest road touring. Material that grows in product description is used and light is used as the deciding factor of purchase. Actually very lightly satisfied Large. In addition, it has anti-slip around Waist, it is hard to shift, the knees are relaxed and Protector is also attached. I'm glad I bought it!

Design that Japanese can not think of is good. The price is very cheap but the texture is okay. Because the place where the cap became long in the longitudinal direction from 2019 is the reason why it decided to this helmet, it does not have feeling to suppress the head top with the feeling that it fits in the whole side of the face when wearing, so it toured long, but the hair became a vetcher It is hard to become. I am worried that the visor will be a magnet on a highway, but I tried it at 80 kilos but it is not a problem at all. The wind enters truly because it is for motocross, but since the screen of the bike is large and the wind does not hit, it was no problem at the touring in November.

Previously I used Alpine's TEC 3, so it will be a comparison. From the first day I wear it is soft and there is no hindrance at all at all! I just do not know if I do not use more. Although it has not yet turned to a flashy yet, there is no problem at all in the forest road and Enduro. Is Design Recommendation a good review?
As Net said One size Large asked because it was Recommendation, so I asked for it exactly. Then the lateral direction is just fine, but I felt a bit Large in the vertical. I think it is a difficult place by people.

Because it is a consumable item, I chose it because it is not cheap and relatively cheap. From the day we used it was able to do shift change etc. smoothly without incompatibility. Previously I used Alpinestar's Tech 3, but it took a while to adapt it firmly at first, but Comp 5 is soft and easy to use from the beginning. Just after using it, I'm a little worried about Yale. I am satisfied so far. I usually use forest roads and enduro, but I do not even have a sole sliding. I purchased it like that because there was one size recommended on the net. I felt that the side was just right, but I felt it was slightly bigger in the vertical direction, so I recommend you to try trying on those who can try on before purchasing.

Received immediately after placing an order, the price is cheap, Fitting is good! No problem even if you use it.

It is better if there is Pad on the outside, but from the price it can not be helped!

It fixes it with four Stopper, but the top Stopper is distorted easily because the Stopper itself is the Gold genus inside the graffa distortion.
Very hard, forcibly push the Stopper with your finger Quantity : I am setting it.