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-- Osawa wax: -- oil jug poly container product number: -- GC-1 (JAN:4952703340067) -- feature with nozzle lid with details [ of merchandise information goods ] [capacity], and [1l.] cap - neither an insect nor garbage enters with a nozzle with a cap --

Image etc. Although it is satisfactory, it is Level which can not use the application which sets and plays at all.
The application of item explanation is the thing before 2 generations and it is not the current thing. Movie editing is also not possible. Spec. is.
If you scroll from the setting screen, it becomes an error and can not be used.
I think that I regret it even if I buy it unless the application is fixed..
I think the product itself is smartly installed..

Although I was using it for 2 to 3 months, at the last time in trying to demonstrate the performance as a DriveRecorder in the accident, the accident caused the Motorcycle situation to become useless and the contents saved in the Recorder could not be confirmed. Since it is not saving in SD, it is not usable as an honest DriveRecorder at the time when the power supply stops running.
I will buy another DriveRecorder in the next Motorcycle.

The jug I am using now is more than thirty years old, I tried replacing it because the network net can not be torn. Certainly the netting network also plastics, I think that it is kind of thing. The mouth to put the Oil is also Large, I think that I want to use it forever as it seems to be strong as it is.

I was looking for free shipping, I arrived at this product.
At the same time as Oil of CYGNUS exchange, I purchased thought to replace Gear oil.

This time the grass cutter (4Cycle) We used it for Oil injection. As Oil uses only about 100 CC, Oiler of Small Shinku was useful. Oil injection can also be delicately adjusted so it was convenient without spilling.

It is just right size for Motocrosser's Oil replacement.
Although I used Large Yu Size stuff up to now, I think that lid is attached and Garbage does not enter at the time of storage, I think that Nozzle is also thin and easy to use.

It can be used to waste useless to apply Motocrosser's Air filter oil.
If you apply the same amount each time, there will be almost no Oil that is squeezed and wasted.
If you hang in to make it easy, you can eliminate Air Musume.