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Sistem pengereman dari frando amat populer di ajang balap dan pameran motor di Taiwan. Kaliper rem buatan frando memiliki body aluminium ringan nan kokoh yang mampu menghasilkan tenaga pengereman besar serta mudah dikontrol.

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The price is cheap compared to brembo is attractive. (Still high so high)
The texture of Body is reasonable, but parts like Bracket and Pin remain cheap.
Brake 's Switch is also not good due to using Fluid' s pressure.
I think that it is better if it makes it easy to attach a machine switch to Body.
I processed the Micro switch by myself and attached it.

Speaking of the Radial master, brembo, Beringer, GALE SPEED, etc. are famous Manufacturers, but they are all expensive, Nissin's Radial is cheap but I felt the feeling of grasping was not so different from Brake of sideways pushing Where the Cospa and the high evaluation here Frando! It might be better than the cheaper B company

CaliperSize : Two opposite pod 34 mm
Select Master Cylinder diameter : 14mm

No problem in the accuracy of each part, Friendly BrakeTouch, easy to control Lever shape.

The difficulty is ... only the clamp part is slightly different in color of painting ?? However, ManufacturerSite has described it so it was predicted.

"I'd like to introduce a Radial master ... well-known Manufacturer is too expensive to give up." I think that there are so many people. That's a pity.

Since Brake is an important security part, there is a part that you have only to choose with reliability = BrandImage, but the other company feels that Cost performance is too bad too.

I think that I will choose this Radial master again if there is next time.

From horizontal 14 MM to Radial 17 MM
That is correct!
Touch good!
I wonder if there is more Stroke and it's soft
I thought, but it is the same as NORMAL
With Fee Ring, there are places where I can grasp further
Nice thing.
With Long run, Right hands do not become bad,
Relief ? It's safe..

Bolt kind is somewhat different, it is enough to mistake as a certain Manufacturer (Lol)
Because Brake Side is a Master Cylinder of that particular Manufacturer, it is easy to compare.
The color of the Bracket section is somewhat different, but I think that I do not know if I do not mind it.
Banjo adapter and others can use the same Pitch as domestic, so Kore is highly evaluated.
Switch was oil pressure sensing type, so I was worried about Fe Ring, but it was not a problem at all. I think it's a wonderful product if you think in COSPA.

It is Copy goods of certain B company's MASTER.
Previously I was using the company company B but purchased this as Size change.
Better than B company Banjo is 1. 25 mm Pitch thing, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Things that can be replaced, and the price is cheaper than anything else.
Included Parts : If you arrange all up to 1 / The price of 3 is still appealing.
On the contrary, it is not a good thing that PivotPin is not a Clip stopper but an E-shaped Snap ring.
Because of this it is impossible to come off without a tool.
However, aftermarket parts can also be used by company B, so if you change to ZETA 's Pivot pin etc, you can solve it, if you do not like FRANDOLOGO printed on Lever, you can also use L company of company B.

Spec of GORILLA's Front brake. Change (200mm2POT→220mm4POT) Purchase for.
disc 220 mm, using NSR 50 MASTER with Caliper 4 POT (Temporarily) I tried but it was not something I could use with Brake.
I decided to change to Radial, but Brand things are expensive and I did not want to use Copy items, but Radar of Flanders has plenty of Pistol diameter and also length of Lever (GORILLA is short enough) , At this price Brake switch (Hydraulic Type) Also Quantity : It is perfect as a set.
There are not particularly bad places to make and Lever's rattling is also less (Not supportive of Bearing) There was no problem. However, it is regrettable that only Bracket attached to Handlebar is extremely cheap for some reason why. I want another Billet as it can be 1000 yen higher.
Because there is a warranty card and Serial number, it may be more secure to buy a mysterious Copy item, and if it is a disposable Image it is Large satisfied with this Raipon.

My GORILLA (10 Inch, disc 220 mm, Caliper 4 POT, Master 15 mm) Feel attached to Radial It is very good feeling that it works for Linear as much as it grips peculiarly. Still it is quite intense Breaking so if you want more Mildness than 15 mm above (16 to 17) Recommendation.

Banjo's Packing is Quantity : Please do not purchase separately because it is not in the set.
Since the Brake switch also has a mysterious Coupler, it's your Spec. Please replace it with one that matches.

Caliper has been replaced by Tokico of Kawasaki 10R. Nisshin's Radial masterCylinder which is currently used to improve the effectiveness of Brake (19mm) To 15 mm of the book frando.
My favorite is Touch which I made Snap when playing King, but this product is Spongey Touch and I cease using it because I do not like it. Since there is no change even if the air bleeding is perfect, this may be made by the manufacturer intentionally. Please do not refer as it is my personal opinion.