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FRENTUBO adalah manufaktur spesialis kabel hidrolik dan rem asal Bologna, Italia. Kualitas produk FRENTUBO sudah memenuhi standar manufaktur Eropa.

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I bought it to renew the Brake line.
Previously, I attached a long Hose directly to the Master cylinder, but this time I made it a way to branch.
Since Hose also uses the company's products, this product, which is a special item, can be assembled as a kitchen in a flushing stone.
It is also lightweight.
By unifying Brand, we were able to build a line with a sense of security.

the small Bolt size for
exhaust air omission whose
price attached and made into the hydraulic clutch is cheaper than a Manufacturer of what is [ br ] 7 mm -- it is pleasing, although it is black and is not conspicuous

Since it is light and soft, management is touch also with a sufficient Touch in combination with comfort *

brembo RCS.
It is ?! whether when it was usually a Hose and the right Brake of feel

free SR like stainless middle, it was good at 70 cm in die length.

[Webike Monitor] The Touch in early stages of
turns into a as hard Touch which was felt not but grasped, and was made into the tightly, so that it was crowded as a Stainless mesh. < -- it br(s) > grasps, and damping force rises to a Linear, so that it is crowded -- it feels, and it comes out and is dramatically controllable.
If it says well, is it touch called stealing the show of loose touch of a pure Rubber hose and the touch made into the tightly of a Stainless mesh hose?
Liking of it was suited that it is very easy to treat. It is ***** if the
price is cheap to a slight degree.
-- a thing with an Adapters or Banjoes merely cheap considering structure -- O
-- although the place currently sold is seldom seen, I think that it is a Parts which may be evaluated to a slight degree.

It missed something apparently not conspicuous too much with a calm Black which is pure.