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From Neighbor mengembangkan unit lampu belakang LED. Bohlam lampu LED From Neighbor bisa langsung dipasang dan digunakan, Anda hanya perlu mengganti bohlam lampu Anda yang lama. Lampu belakang LED From Neighbor dapat menurunkan konsumsi baterai dan menyuguhkan jarak pandang terbaik.

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In the case of klx 125, bond it with double-sided tape
Grinding the adhesive surface neatly with a water-resistance paper and scraping the Plating face I pasted it on the plastic side which became black with double-sided tape at the bottom of the product but there is a gap at the top of the installation and there is no stability feeling. I feel uncomfortable because I feel like I'm off by vibration while driving. We have a gap in the upper gap Tape (Purchased at Home center) There was less glittering across the. It is too bad that I do not have an Instruction Manual. I can easily imagine the installation ? ? ? I do not explain about power consumption, even if my back is dirty if I recommend it to an acquaintance, I will say that LED with Fender Eliminator is better. It is a product that makes the function Large but worries about Large. Certainly the taillights are also bright, and the Stop-Lamp also gets brighter about twice

In the evaluation of making itself it seems that Wiring processing etc. are sloppy. I feel excessive if it is said that anti-shake and disconnection measures. We plan to review again after installation. There was neither a box nor the Instruction Manual in the product itself Reduction in cost ???

Installation is easy and brightness is also necessary enough.
I think that it is a good product with high visibility.
I was surprised because there was no installation manual,
It was easy to install.

I adjusted it to the purchase of Smoke Tail Lens
The installation of Valve itself is easy because it just plugs in, but the position of the Screw hole with Lens is slightly Gap and forcibly pushed in
Unlike a light bulb, the entire Lens is perfectly equal and etc.. Beautiful as it glows
In the case of Mas Two you may be a bit drowned in the subsequent Motorcycle?
Because I am a self-satisfied world, I think that Cost performance depends on each person's values

I was hesitant at the price, but it was unnecessary and easy to exchange, neither processing nor instruction manual.
Wrench and Driver are the only tools to use.
The amount of light is enough.

CB750 RC42 2006
I changed from OEM's Light.
As we all wrote, we were able to exchange with Driver alone.
I pushed the two OEMLight and turned it like turning it and pushed this product to the opened Socket and installed it.
Since this product is one socket, it will be finished if it is installed in either one.
Leave one left alone (Remove Light) So I'd like to close it with something.
The brightness that illuminates the brightness of the Stop-lamp and the Number is also perfect.
I thought that I wanted to reduce the load of Battery, power saving and exchanged.
Very easy, finished in a very good feeling, I am satisfied.

Arrived in 3 days after ordering
Once installed, Size is perfect
It was easy to install! Also looks with the product image
It is bright and it seems like LED will be recognized soon
The price is high, but ...
But I am satisfied with Large change!

Until now I bought the LED Bulb purchased by Yahoo auction, but the difference in brightness between Small lighting and Brake is small, I was worried that the following car will not come in when running and stopping. However, such anxiety disappeared from this LED Unit. Compared with Yahoo auc's LED Bulb, the brightness at the time of Small lighting became much brighter and I think that the difference from when you hit Brake is solid.
The Reverse side of UnitBody is Coking and Waterproof is also perfect. Although it is expensive, it is Recommendation because it is possible to remove the Valve of OEM and leave it as it is.