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G-QUBIC menyediakan berbagai riding gear berbahan kulit asli yang dibuat dengan bahan berkualitas serta ketelitian yang tinggi.

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Sharp purchase for the Large two-wheeled lesson in January.

I got the first training at a thick Gloves for winter, it was frustrating for subtle semi-clusters and accurate Blinker operation, but it seemed to be too cold for a thin summer use, so use 3 Season a bit earlier Gloves like that start coloring with Net.

As a condition
- Price to give up even if you fail Fitting through mail order
- Middle type which prevents wind invasion from cuffs
- Strong with leather and Protector attached to some extent

So, I found this with Webike.
Although I do not know Manufacturer, I declare that there is no more product that meets the conditions any more by Impression of other people and photo judgment. Because I was in a hurry ^ ^;

Chairman 19 cm / Circumference 22. I chose L at 5 cm, but it is almost exactly.
Strictly speaking, although the Length of each finger is just fine, the tailoring does not match a little, the middle finger - In the case of Just fit to the index finger, ring finger - Small finger - A little bit more of the tip of the thumb, if you do not have enough, the middle finger - The index finger becomes tight and the finger becomes hard to bend.
Well, I hope that this neighborhood will become familiar if you use it.

Because I chose BlackMonotone as color, I do not feel disgusted with the design that used a lot of curves, I think that there is no problem with Heritage Motorcycle, but desire to say a little more sophisticated DetailDesign is a perfect score.
However, the texture of leather and the quality of sewing have no problem at all, very satisfied with Cost performance.

By the way, the operability of the problem was as expected, the subsequent lesson advanced comfortably, graduated safely in one shot (Lol)
So I am looking forward to becoming a season to go on tour with this Gloves Today is around this time.

With the goods I thought, the quality and performance seemed very good, but Manufacturer's Tag had a cheaper indication than the purchase price.
The price is satisfying but I feel a little disappointing.

Since leather Gloves I was using became rashboro, I was looking for a new Gloves, and I tried to buy this Gloves because it remained in my eyes.

Impre street of other people, Size is a little smaller than the notation, is not it? Small, I bought LL, but it is just a bit tight ... I think that it will soon become familiar.

At this price the fabric is not too thin too thick, it is just fine. Depending on how much you have, if you have good, next will also be purchasing Repeat.

Quality, feeling of Fit is very good, but a part of creases hit my fingertips, it was very painful.
After doing Touring for about 6 hours, my finger became numb and it was sold for 2 days because I could not get numbness.

I bought it for my friend, not for me, so it is my friend's impression
Height 175 cm Weight 70 kg or so Standard ~ Somewhat better physique, but seems to be exactly the same with L Size
Since there are two Magic Tapes on the wrist, I can fine-tune it, so I wonder if it fits people of various physique
I have not scattered yet so I do not know how Protection is, but at this price Quality is without complaint

A week later I will refrain from the Circuit driving meeting and I will pick out the Racing gear for the first time in Season and found a hole in the Gloves I used before!
With this I think that Circuit is dangerous, so we had to procure quickly so price was also cheap Choice here.
"Should I use it?" I bought it with a feeling of so much but I was surprised by its Fit feeling and operability when the product arrived and worn it!
Leather is soft from the beginning, familiar is good.
I did not feel like rushing like Gloves recently, and I also received a sense of Gloves like a little ago, but this will be a reed.
What's worrisome is durability, but at the moment we are using ordinary threads and we can not understand that kind of problem..
I do not have any 2Season whatever Gloves you use, I will have a hole on the Bar End side of Gloves, so I think that I should have it.

I have purchased this Gloves here because the palm part of the Gloves you are using now gets worn out and the hole opens and it seems to get caught by the check of the Mini bike race's equipment that I will participate this time.
I chose L Size as usual but when I try it on, my thumbs are short and my sewing is bad, when I grasp the Grip, my thumb is stuck and it got hurt so it hurts.
It was perfect for people I knew when Small people were hands on, so L Size gave up and purchased LLSize again without discipline.
Although the thumb is truly relaxed as usual but the thumb is still short, I feel a bit cramped but I am thinking I should use it because it is not like it can not be used.
Who buys it would be better to chose Large eyes.
I think that it is good for Mini bike race etc. because it is not so bad except for the problem of Size.

RACING Gloves (GCG-103BK) I was very good so I bought Winter Gloves. Chief Size 20. 5 cm, L Size is perfect. It seems that it is slightly relaxed than L Size of GCG-103BK.
The leather is soft and the joint part of the thumb also has Pleats and it is very easy to use.
We will continue to purchase G-cubic's Gloves for Repeat!
I love it!