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WR250F 07 year installation also ended without difficulty,
It is quite Recommendation that the feeling of use is also standing and Axel full opening is ready ready

Raccoon is gone
Yes, the effect is subtle

WR250F 07 We are using it for forest road driving and Race.
You can fully open without Grip's handfulness!
Especially at the climbing slope, even in the standing state it can be easily operated from fully closed to full open
Recommendation for those who are not good at climbing
There was nothing in particular that made it difficult to say low speed operation.

I knocked down Motorcycle with huge things, the Handlebar and Throttle were damaged as well - - -
I thought about making it to High Solo, but the compatible item was not readily arrived and it reached Colle.

The impression you used is Ayel's return is getting better anyway and it feels good!
Throttle opening also became Smooth start!

It is slightly expensive, but it is Recommendation.

High Solo's innocent Roastro Kit. In short, it is not a loose rose, but since it is the reverse of High Solo, I personally think it is loosely. If expressed in one word "Throttle Control" What can be done. You can change the characteristics of the beginning of opening with your own favorite characteristics with the attached Cam. I have not exchanged yet and I am running but Muddy driving has become a lot of fun (Lol)
The difficulty is that in the case of OpeningHand guard it can be exchanged right away, but in the case of ClosedHand guard I think the replacement work is a bit tedious. Is it a difficult point?. Incidentally, the same thing comes out from KTMPowerParts, but if it is KTM, it seems to be a lineup of X 100 X 300 X 500.

Although it is GSX - R 1000 k5, because the Accelerator operation at departure on the first SS is uncertain,
It is extremely bad because it is wastefully puffed, it has become a laughing start, or it got laid off.
It is not necessary for skillful people, but I am thankful for the weakness like me.
The logic is as described in the description of the product, and I was actually able to start off to Smooth. Without concern for Power of 1000 cc SS, you can open Axel in the same sense as at 400. This is the same not only at the time of departure but also at the end of Corner.
Also, although this is quite another story, the Throttle cone of SEA BASS has a unique shape and it is very troublesome to say that Grip exchange is impossible. This product solves it as well. Personally, I am also happy.
Also, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it moves a few millimeters, it may be good to have a Grip spacer.