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It is the impression used for four years.

gaerne: Tp metal-fittings product number: It is [ 5006 merchandise-information goods two piece details / one set (with screw) ] common to all the off-road boots except a trial.
(SG.5 and SG.Y are also included) Metal fittings which have protected the tiptoe of an off-road type.
Since it is a screw stop, it is exchangeable by itself.

vibram-sole gaerne:FUGA (fugue) product number: -- 2721001270 merchandise-information goods details color: -- nut brown size: -- 27.0-cm riding-shoes shell: -- T-D-MORO inner package: -- calf skin sole: --
Sewing: Reverse stitch goodyear welt process Weight: 850g(part for 26.0-cm one leg)

reverse-stitch - gaerne:No.145 product-number: -- 2720001265 merchandise-information goods details color: -- brown riding-shoes size: -- 26.5-cm shell: -- ANFIBIO leather inner package: -- calf skin sole: -- vibram sole sewing: --
Goodyear welt process Weight: 850g(part for 26.0-cm one leg)

gaerne:Vibram SUPER.
MOTARD SLIDER WET (VSM slider wet) product number: 1686092793 merchandise information Details of goods Wet Contents R/F front slider R/F rear slider of a set A screw (10).
a washer (ten sheets) -- this kit is optimized for the practice in wet condition, or a race.
By a long life, it is dramatically proud of the high control engine performance by telling Rider correctly the grip of the wonder in wet condition, and the situation of a road surface.
It is the softest of the three sliders.

The ankle is hard! The heel part is Large so Shift up and down ,,,,,, I regret that it is hard to raise in particular
I got a little better because I cut it a bit.

Since the former Boots were broken, I thought that the waterproof function was absolutely felt this time and chose this one.
Regarding how to choose Size, I wrote from Manufacturer's HP on how to measure feet, so I tried that as a reference. Large Kimono of our sports shoes is 24. 5 cm or 25. At 0 cm, foot shape is thin and elongated shell.
In my case I got quite a big Large on how to choose this, so (26. 5cm)
Assuming the time of wearing thick socks, same as TrekkingShoes you have, 26. I chose 0 cm.
But, try it twice, 25. I am thinking that 5 cm was just right..
Probably I can not adjust it, I feel quite affordable.
TrekkingShoes can be adjusted with strings on the instep, so 26. I think that it was just right at 0 cm.

"Female employee watched" There was a story that the article of the same is on the same HP, there is one size UP about as good.
I would be pleased if it becomes helpful when choosing a delicate lady with feet.

Nonetheless, I think that I will be able to finish wearing it if I get used to it, so I would like to make friends forever.

Before, I was wearing EDPRO, but I felt lightly the feeling I wore.
Even if I go out to the Race as a new item, there is also a range of motion without any discomfort at all, so I will presume GAERNE from now on!