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GALE SPEED's Flash Sale

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Although this type was used for some time, since it failed to get off the ground and the crack was attached, it did not waver this time also, either but decided on Gayle.

The feeling at the time of leaning a motorcycle changes clearly compared with normal.
If it says bad, it will become [ that it will be easy to put it to sleep if it says well ] that it is likely to fall.
The balance of a center of gravity is out of order, or it becomes remarkable especially at the time of gasoline full.
Probably, it has simultaneously full exhaust and the influence which is carrying out the weight saving.
Although it will probably be certain that spring Ryo Shimoju's weight saving is an effective means, if suspension setting etc. are not adjusted, it is hard coming to ride conversely.
Management merely became easy by leaps and bounds.

It is 2 times Sakka's purchase in next time.
The bottom load of a spring decreased and it became a quite light handling & corner ring.
A color chooses a bronze and also matches the car body of an orange.

It can feel very well after exchange.

It equipped with the alloy wheels of the gale speed which was interested from the [Webike monitor] or before.
The weight saving was merit with big the width of tire selection also spreading with tube-reply-izing, and also of course, becoming easy to carry out correspondence at the time of a puncture.
繝ス a run of a season is [ 繝ス ] pleasure now (ツエ繝シ`) NO

It purchased to compensate for foil exchange of a gale speed.
It had that it was pure, and when compared, it turned out that it is a weight saving.
A design has no complaint.
Although it thought whether a color would be showier, the wheel is also suited by moderate bronze colors and it is good touch.
a part also with a price expensive as it is -- isn't it it compared that it is pure?

The ○ I was using rado master diameter 19-18, but it was a bit stiff if Caliper piston diameter 32 × 4.
Gale's Ф 17. I tried using 5-16 ~ 18VRCSeries.
The feeling that Front sinks as much as you grasped improved operability.

Brembo caliper GP 4 to S1000RR brembo 5. I used 5 Full floating, brembo Racing radial MASTER φ 19 - 18, but because there is not much change with the combination of OEM's Brembo caliper and Nisshin, this time Gale's VRC Ф 17. I bought 5.
I thought it was Ф 19 - 16 if it was 4 P of Ф 32, but my friend Ф 17. I grasped 5, so I bought it for trial.
I have not installed yet, Fee Ring is ☆ 4