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Very nice brake disc~ Cool style. It is much more beatiful than the OEM one. Easy to replace and very fit to install. It is recommend to buy~

OEMdisc is too thick and brembo's Crab can not be fitted unless you scrape the pads, so replace them to eliminate waste. Because there is no 270 φ, at 250 φ. Caliper support is also required.

Large satisfied for thinning thickness. I was able to achieve my purpose. You can expect performance as well.
It turns into a recent Motorcycle at once in appearance (Locally)

It is still in use, but the braking ability has clearly risen.

A bad point :
Rain occurred within 2 weeks after use by Stainless Steel.

The price is reasonably good, the purchase installation is about 10 years ago, there is no particular dissatisfaction point,

Bolt-on, Offset also has no error if you purchase exclusive items for installation,
However, since it is a Wave shape, mistake is made between Right, Left and GizaGiza, - - -
I think that there is no problem in terms of performance, but of course, I fixed it, Giza Giza matching, as well as engraved letters
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Aligned to the same position successfully mounted!

Although it is a feeling of use, Nisshin radial master - Mesh hose - 6PCaliper's
Set, and in addition, since OEMdisc diameter was changed to 300 Φ to 320 Φ,
There is no impression with discSingle Body,

The first impression of running starts with Touch feeling sweet Air chewing, like OEM, it first works as a pushing ring!
It is not feeling, it seems to feel like grasping Lever and making it work, at first it got puzzled but as I got used to it
You can also grab hang, especially Breaking on a sandy floating surface, you can control it jiwa -
There was a sense of security, (the explanation is a bit difficult - - - ) Once, Atari of a new article Pad and a new article Rotor,
I thought that this is mostly the characteristic of MASTER and Caliper,
What is the performance of the essential disc?

I used it for about 10 years with the same set since installation, but after all, disc and Pad came out
From around, I can brush very comfortably, I can control until I lock a little,
Even on the road surface where sand floated, you can control it,

Whether this is disc's performance, Caliper - Pad - I do not know if it is MASTER's performance,
Caliper and other performances are properly taken, it is feeling that Balance is taken,
Also on rainy days, you can control to the Wet road without having to extend the sliding distance and braking distance,
Even if running a little cheerfully at the pass, there is no anxiety about disc, Caliper is more concerned,
OEM and same etc. It is likely to have durability, (This is an imagination)

Design, but at the time Wave rotor was in fashion, so weighing - Coolability - Cleaning effect etc
It was pushed also in a propaganda phrase and I bought it, but amateurs accept it, "It is a white style. - - - "And,
People who are seriously running still prefer normal circles, perhaps the performance is also good circular, is not it?
Personally I like GizaGiza.

When I fell down with ninja 250sl, Rear's disc was distorted, so I exchanged it.
I was worried about Stainless rotor of Frame but I tried it as Rotor of GALFER.
It's easy to install and you can really just attach it.
It looks cool and the cooling holes are also nice.
Just a little BALI stand out!

It is considerably lighter than OEMRotor, and may be contributing to lighter weight. From appearance Impact, going to Motorcycle shop etc can be seen by everyone (Lol) Light tune vehicles think that this is the best performance. If you aim for performance up, Pad exchange or Caliper exchange etc etc etc. Is it good?.

Wave rotor makes it flashy. It can be mounted as it is with no processing for the same size as OEM. I think it would be nice to fit together at the same time around.

We exchanged around and at the same time.
I did not understand the performance really well, as I replaced the Caliper's Overhaul and Pad at the same time, but the apparent Impact is absolutely Large.
NINJA 1000 has hardly been Customized vehicles, there are few, the degree of attention at the destination is outstanding.

I exchanged Front Disc for WaveType
Rear also wanted to make sense of unity so I bought it.
Meat punching to the limit is smart. It's nice to have light weight with Slim.