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It is tight if the blue here is the green of KSR-2 (B4, B5 type).
a grip feeling is right just and the same for about ten years -- it is continuing using regularly.
although red was used in XR400 -- off -- even when -- it has not slid, and at the time of attachment, if the person with much off which is thickness with an exactly sufficient grip feeling (it is about 170 cm in height.) fastens with wire, it is safe for him.

It is very good!! It fits very!

Will it be about 20 years ago, if I bought Active High Solo, it came with extra feeling,
Although I did not feel like attaching at the beginning, since OEMGrip got damaged, I attached it to a chisel,
Then, it is slightly thick, hard and solid gripping feeling, I do not like Logo, but it feels quite good!

When I first got it, there is also a miscellaneous United States product, BALI, and is it a Rubber inlet?
Grip end big huge Wrinkle, anyway I thought about throwing away, but for some reason,
A few months later, due to OEMGrip's bruise, I decided to install OEMGrip with Slotted screwdriver
I managed to remove it somehow, remove the adhesive with Thinner, and now I will put on a new item, but a little
When pushed in, it seems that there is a limit up to around the middle with a hard, brute force, this time
I got the power of Air gun, somehow fitted in, but I did not spray glue - - -
Taking care of it again, I will not like the position of SUPER BIKE's letters this time,
Trial and error results somehow attached.

It was the feeling that Rubber was thicker than saying that Rubber is hard,
It does not bulge outward, OEM Product etc can use it with air gun, it can be fitted comfortably,
SUPER BIKE's Grip struggled.

As soon as the installation is over and tried to go out, the moment I grabbed Handlebar, I noticed that it was a bit thick,
Hardness is not well understood because it is over Gloves, but the feeling of operating Throttle is really good feeling,
After that, I ran Long touring and cheerfully at the pass, but it is a very familiar Grip to me,
Recently I changed to Honda's so-called RossiGrip, but that was thin and soft and tapering,
RossiGrip, which is hard to use, rave acclaim, if you need a subtle control,
I wonder if this is better - - -

RossiGrip finished his role in a couple of weeks and again wore a Grip of SUPER BIKE,
However, when ordering a new Grip, I made a mistake in Size, ordered a long item, reorder
In order to contribute to GALINDO, when ordering please check the Size of Length and the color carefully
It is recommended to order, especially color is not to trust pictures, to check the model number well,

Although it is Design, it is a thing that does not get tired of Simple, personally the Logo of SUPER BIKE is
Although it is better not to, it seems that there are many people who like this,
I feel that durability lasts longer than OEM, this is a simple Grip plane Pattern
Thanks to that, it's not a slip-off projection or hole, it's a composition of faces and slid
Edge may be rounded, but because it does not slide, it can be used quite a long time,

For Handlebar exchange, we exchanged Grip.
Although it was various and it got lost, it finally calmed down to this. I bought Black. I like Logo as One point.
Next time I will adventure and I will buy Red or Blue.
I think that the vibration absorbing power is also quite good.

Since it was not a path through a wood, also by the car-body Mount, blur thought that it was probably few and purchased.Although it attached to the Front Side pipe of 400X and the animation was photographed, there is also no blur and it was able to photograph finely.

It was used instantly on the next day which was attached.Since comment can perform angle adjustment of photography finely, they can choose favorite composition.Moreover, since it attaches to a Helmet unlike sticking to a car body, worries about failure of the apparatus by vibration also decrease.Although it is that the only dissatisfaction only has noisy wind noise, since this does not have what is interrupted in front of a Camera, it is unavoidable.Since the
price is also handy well, considering a Performance, it is satisfactory.

Although a price feels a few more highly, considering a Performance, it can be convinced well.If there is a Helmet mount (one * Base is attached) 360 degrees with a Camera, employment with one Helmet can be performed.
It is a +360 Cameras Helmet mount by sticking this Base to the 2nd Helmet further. Attachment becomes possible and animation photography with two or more Helmets is attained.Although the price to the thing itself is high, I think such thing kana with considering added value.

It uses from ancient times. It adapts itself to a hand, and there is grip force until the decrease of a pickpocket is lost.